Monday, May 18, 2015

Do you have a favourite ???

Recently I was reading an interesting article that I found on CNN's News App on the iPad. It was an article that declared the top 10 most scenic airports to land at in the World. This was published by "PrivateFly" which does this list annually.

This years overall winners are:

The reason I post this, is the fact, that I have actually landed at 3 out of the 10 most scenic airports in the world! I didn't know... maybe I should try and close out the list... only seven more flights!

For business purposes, I have landed a few time at the Bill Bishop Airport in Toronto, formerly called Toronto's Island Airport.

Now, this is a real cool airport to come into... very scenic as you get an incredible view of the Downtown Toronto buildings. They do not fly jets into here...(yet...) and I came in on turbo prop planes from Sudbury. I think this airport deserves to be on the list.

I have also landed a couple times at St. Maarten's Airport. If you have not been here before, you have to go!

When the planes come in here, it is like they are going to land on the beach. While in St. Maarten, we did take the opportunity to come and visit this beach one afternoon, as there is a great bar at the one end of it, and you can sit and watch the planes, about 10 minutes apart during the peak of the day. Being right on the beach is crazy when they pass above you, and we would not even go out there when the planes come out to take off, and blow the people on the beach right into the ocean with the jet blast... really!

However, my all time favourite Airport landing of all times, has to be on the Island of Saba!

The above picture shows you the whole Island, with the airport visible on the far right of the picture. What a landing! We took a turbo prop plane from St. Maarten, for the 15 minute flight over to Saba. When we came in for the landing, the wing was right against a cliff on the island... seemed like we were going to hit. They only will let the Pilot land the plane here... no Co-pilot landings! The take off is eqally as thrilling...they use every inch of the runway and once you leave the runway, the plane drops a bit towards the water, before it climbs up in the air! Phew.... As you can tell by looking, Saba is the top of a volcano, only about 5 miles wide, by 5 miles long... We came here to tour the Medical Facilities and University, where our son Shawn, took his Medical Training. The University is out of Boston, but has the Campus on Saba. What a neat tour that was. Will never forget it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Till tomorrow....


Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Rogers game breaker!

This blog may be of interest for anyone who travels down to the U.S.A. for any length of time any time of the year. This year when we arrived back into Ontario, I began to notice the battery on our iPhone 5 did not seem to be lasting near as long as it used to... Hate it when that happens. I decided to look into replacing the battery, which you can even try to do yourself, however I don't think I would try it. It was going to cost $50.00 and no real guarantee on the battery. I figured our 2 year plan was due very soon, so investigated that end of things... turns out it is due Aug. 2nd this summer. I phoned up Bell, and they wanted only $62.00 for an early upgrade fee. Hey maybe I might consider upgrading instead of buying a new battery!

Next, I decided to spend an afternoon checking out the other cell phone suppliers to see if any of their offerings had changed since 2 years ago when I looked into it. Tellus did not seem to have anything new, and their U.S. plans are terrible, even Bell was better. When I checked Rogers two years ago, they too did not have a good U.S. offering... however that has changed! I was surprised when I asked about U.S. plans, when they told me you can now "roam like at home"... Here is how it works. We have an unlimited phone plan in Canada, including texts, call answer, unlimited calling, you get the drift. We also had 10 Gig of data but wanted to upgrade this too. Need more! Under the new plan at Rogers, you can now pay a maximum of $50.00 a month, and you can use your cellphone and all your data just like you are in Canada!!!! This was a game breaker for us! We had been using Verizon as our supplier of internet in the U.S., but for some strange reason changed their policy so that we could not suspend our account for 6 months, like we always did for the summer while in Canada. They wanted us to continue paying full price! What???? Cancelled account, that fixed that!

So right away we decided after 45 years of being a Bell Customer, to switch to Rogers! They agreed to pay our early buyout on our iPhone 5 from Bell, and gave us addional $300.00 in credits just for coming over to Rogers! Perfect! Guess what I got?

Yup... a brand new iPhone 6 with 64 Gig of memory to boot! What a neat machine... I am impressed! Bigger than the 5, lighter than the 5, faster than the 5, you get the drift! This phone transfers data much faster than the 5 did, so using the internet on it is like trying to catch is fast! I did not get the gold case you see above... I decided on the similiar black like my old 5. Very conservative Judy would say. Also updated our plan to 16 Gig of data to keep the wheels turning... Going to love just taking our phone to the U.S. and just carry on using it! Perfect!

Took my old iPhone 5 downtown and sold it to a guy in a phone shop, no problem... so with the sale of our old phone, and with Roger credits, we picked up our 6 at no real out of pocket expense... it is a $470.00 phone, on a two year plan. Retail value of the 6 is over $950.00... hope I don't lose it....

So, for the past couple days, I have been playing with the new phone getting used to it, and setting everything up the way I want it. Decided to stay with an Apple phone, as we still use our iPads a lot, so keep it all in the family.

Thanks to Rick, for letting me know about upload problems from youTube into Blogsy... as soon as they fix it I want to show you some slick new things you can do with the iPhone 6 and it's fancy cameras.

TTill tomorrow...


Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Two years ago today, Charlie was born, and has never looked back! What a great day we enjoyed with him today to celebrate!

We started off by taking Charlie and Gwenny over to our walking track, which also doubles as an indoor soccer field! The track is elevated above the field. The kids had a ball on the field with a bunch of other kids who come out just to kick around some balls for an hour... great exercise for them.

Took the kids over to McD's for a Happy Meal, and 45 minutes playing in the indoor playground. Everthing was indoors today, as it was a bit rainy and yucky out.

Later this afternoon things got a move on, as we had a birthday party for Charlie...



There was no shortage of gifts for him, and he just got right at it! Had a blast watching him!

I had a couple videos to put up, but just having problems with Blogsy tonight during the upload... will have to wait...

Till tomorrow...