Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to work today...

Yesterday was a day of rest...needed a break from all the reno's going on. Turned out to be a beautiful day here yesterday, and today as well, with seasonable temperatures and some sun.

Judy and I had pretty good seats at the game on Saturday, as we got to watch Toronto beat the Chicago Black Hawks by a score of 4 to 2. It was a great game to watch...


These were all the Rookies playing, and the game was very fast, and entertaining! Had a great time.


As I mentioned before, I wanted to watch Willaim Nylander play, and he did not dissapoint! He is a very skilled player, and will certainly be a star in the NHL in the future. Hard to say if he will make the big Team this year or not, training camp will tell.

We had Kristina and the kids out for lunch break today at the RV. They are checking out our new seat above... It was a hit! Gwenny is actually watching a kid's show on TV in the pic above... After lunch it was back to the job!

I forgot to answer a comment made by George about our new chairs. I mentioned we bought them out in Norwich. He inquired as to where the RV Store was in Norwich. Well, there is not one there George, we bought the chairs at a Discount Furniture Store in Norwich. They are residential units.

Till tomorrow...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Give me a "Bud..."

Budweiser Gardens that is...


Judy and I are off to London tonight to take in the Toronto Maple Leaf Rookies play the Chicago Blackhawk's Rookies in a Tournament Game, compliments of Chris and Kristina's birthday gift to me.

I am hoping to see William Nylander play, who is a very promising young player that Toronto picked up this year.

Worked on the trim of the reno job this is coming.

Till tomorrow...(gotta go find some dinner in London...)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

OK, so where did that year go to???

Time sure seems to slip by as you get a bit older, and yes, I guess I am a bit older today, being my Birthday, but I am sure that I am a lot wiser! Sixty two years ago, I am sure there was a big party somewhere in Montreal, where I was born!

I did get out and do some work today on my birthday, finishing off the floors on the reno job!

This is the new mud room...

That is Balzac above, checking out the new flooring... don't know what he thought about the floor, he was looking at it kind of funny. The other night he was out on the prowl, and found himself a skunk, that sprayed him right in the face! Ouch! Chris and Kristina have been giving him numerous washings to get rid of the smell. This job turned out pretty good overall, and now it is a matter of putting up some new trim in the room.

Kristina did a great job of putting my favourite dinner of all time on for us tonight, macaroni and cheese...home made, with a big old lemon meringue pie with a couple candles on it! We all had a feast!

Right after dinner, we were able to catch up with Shawn, Jenn, and Emmie and Paige, who had just returned from a soccer game in Tennessee. I took a pic of the Skype Screen above... they were very excited, telling us all the things they have been up to in Johnson City.

Judy took some pics of my birthday party tonight, but alas... the camera is still in at Kristina's house... so no pictures of the birthday boy tonight.

Till tomorrow...