Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

Yes, the last day of October was made for kids, big or small... Not much of a day for the kids here though, as we had nothing but cold and rain all day, but as I sit here and type at 6:30, just when the kids will be out, it has stopped raining so here is hoping...

Unfortunately, Judy has been sick for the past few days, and we will not be able to get out to watch the kids as they trick or treat the neighbours. Seems she has a bad case of the flue maybe... had to take her over to London this morning so she could try and give it to the Dr. and his Staff. Tonight she is all bundled up and taking life easy.

So, the kids brought Halloween to us tonight via high tech media... here is an instant message video I received from Kristina just a few minutes ago, starring Charlie and Gwenny.

Thanks guys, and we hope you enjoy your evening out. Kristina took the kids over to the Early Years Centre this morning all dressed up to have a little party with all the other kids that show up.

Looks like they had a great time this morning...

Now, it may be a lot warmer down in Tennessee, but that does not stop them from taking part in the festivities!


Emmie is all dressed in black, and that is Paige all dressed up as "Viperene", from Monster High... good thing Jenn mentioned that, as Pop Pop is a little behind on times when it comes to kids shows...

Paige got to dress up at her school today, and a few people apparenty thought she might be Lady your talking! Love the boots Paige!

Nothing scary about the picture above... Jenn posted this School Book Picture of Paige, from her School today. Judy and I are certainly blessed with our 4 Grands, with more to come yet!!!!

Till tomorrow...


Thursday, October 30, 2014

BEEP BEEP BEEP... Arghhh...

Later yesterday afternoon, we were in the RV staying warm like everyone else around here, and all of a sudden beep beep beep...... what the?????

Turns out it was our Propane Detector going off... what??? Quickly we opened up all our doors, and windows to get some fresh air inside the unit. Next we tried to see if we could find out what was leaking propane! We could not really smell anything inside the RV.

I tried to ventilate our detector to stop the beeping and it did for a bit, and then started all over again! Yikes! We spent it seemed a couple hours horsing around with the crazy thing, before we determined it was probably the detector that was causing problems as there was no obvious propane leak. As the unit is wired directly into the 12 volt power system of the RV, it is on all the time, so it got to the point where we could not shut it off! I ended up taking it off the wall, and clipping the wires to disable it! Time to get some sleep!

Today I was all over getting this problem fixed. Judy headed off to London for the day, involved with testing for her exercise program. I went to Home Depot and they had a new propane detector in stock for $69.00 but it was powered by electricity. This is a problem in the RV as you do not always have power! I looked around elsewhere and found nothing... Decided on calling Forest City RV in London...

We have used this Dealership for repairs and parts, and find them to be very good. They had a new "Safe T Alert" Detector in stock for $91.00 which will fit right into the spot where our existing unit sits! Perfect!

I got it home and in 20 minutes, made the simple installation myself. Only 2 wires, a red and black to connect, using the existing wires in the RV which are on their on 12 volt circuit. Oh, and yes, you mount the detector right down near the floor, as propane gas is heavier than air, so sits on the floor! Very important!

OK, so I was wrong... it is a red and white wire, but it is black coming out of the detector. It is simply the ground wire, while the red one is the hot wire. Anyways, got it installed, and working, and tested, and all is good again. Best part is there are no alerts happening!

As Judy was in London all day with the Cruze, I was on my own to get to Forest City RV, which meant breaking out the Honda! Now, you have to be a tuff Canadian to drive the 50 klm return trip at about 8 deg. C. but I made it no problems! Don't think the bike ever did warm up much!

This morning while in Woodstock, I stopped by to have a coffee with Kristina, and to see what the kids were up to. Had a great visit, talking to them about Halloween coming up tomorrow... Gwenny will be a butterfly, and Charlie is going dressed as a dinosaur... check out the video below, as I ask Charlie what a dino says!

I met up with them again, as Kristina planned to take them to Micky D's for lunch, as she wanted to get them trick or treat pails for tomorrow night... they give them away with a happy meal. The kids also have a blast playing in the indoor climbing centre.

Gwenny loves doing "selfies" with me now... so we did one! I might be a little partial, but what a great looking little girl she is!!!

Till tomorrow...


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Can you ever have enough tools???

Big shift in our weather, made this a nice and enjoyable summer like day, with the temperature hitting 20 deg. C. While it did rain in the later part of the afternoon, I was able to get all my work I wanted to do today, before it all started.

Ever since we started travelling in our RV over 5 years ago now, I have carried 3 different tool boxes. Every year I seem to go through the same ritual, and sort my way through the tools, hoping that someway I can consolodate my tools to maybe 2 boxes! Worked on that job this morning, and sad to report I still have 3 tool boxes... oh well, maybe next year. I did manage to clean them all out and re-organize them a whole lot, and even threw some old tools out! Still have 3 boxes though... Even though it looks like a horid mess above, I got it all worked out, and just waiting for the next emergency fix-it job!

Judy and I got to try out a newer Kia Soul Automobile. Last evening, we had a problem with our Cruze in that the Brake Lights would not go off, and the TV Screen indicated a problem with our Stabil-Trac System. We immediately took it to the local Woodstock GM Dealership, Jameson's, anticipating we may have a problem showing up at 4:30 in the afternoon. Well, NO PROBLEM. Wendy greated us at the nice drive in Service Bay, and in a couple minutes had at Technician looking at the car right in front of us. He determined it was a problem with the Brake Pedal Sensor out of position or something, and check inventory for a new one. Not to be, and the closest one was in the U.S.A. They ordered it right away. Wendy indicated to us it would be a day or two for the repair, and that our car was not able to be driven properly, so within a couple minutes she arranged a rental car for us. This would be covered by our GM Warranty, so all is good. I got a call back at 4:00 this afternoon, and some how, they got the new part here, and had our car fixed, so I was able to return the Kia and pick up our Cruze. I was glad. I did not really care for the Soul. It looks a little too funky for my taste, and did not drive or ride near as good as our Cruze. It is also smaller inside, although I did like the idea of the hatchback for moving things around. I prefer the inside finishing of our Cruze also, although the Kia did not have a leather interior, or sunroof as we do. Also the screen for the back up camera was way too small in the Kia, and the picture was too dark. The Cruze has a nice, bright, 7 inch screen that makes a real difference to me. Judy drove it, and she liked it! Maybe we will be driving one of these next???

After lunch I worked on our Onan 5500 Watt Quiet Diesel Generator. It was time for an oil change. It has been almost a year. It took me about an hour and a half working away at this but it was really warm out, and I enjoyed the afternoon outside! Got the oil all changed up, and ready to go. Ran the unit for about an hour for exercise, and topped up the coolant level. It was down a wee bit, but don't know where she went...We hope to do some boondocking this coming winter, so we need this baby ready to perform!

Even with all the work, still managed to put in 11,500 steps today... trying to keep up with Rick and Tom!

Till tomorrow...