Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bring it on!

Temperatures just about hit the 90 Deg. F. range today, which is right up there with the best of them. Certainly the hottest day we have seen anywhere for a while now, kind of nice actually.

This morning Judy and I made our way up to Winter Haven to take in the Church Service at Holy Cross Church. It was good to meet up with a bunch of Friends we have made over the 3 years we have now attended.

This afternoon we decided to get out and about. One thing that we did find different here this year, (take note Tom and Cheryl...) is a new store I have never heard of. It is called Rural King. Now if you are from Canada, just think Canadian Tire, only on a bigger scale.

This store is located in the Wynn Dixie Plaza up in Lake Wales. Last year the location was empty. It was packed with shoppers today, and we found a lot of real neat stuff!

We managed to stay away from bringing home one of the live Chicks above... They had 4 bins of these things! $2.50 each and we saw people buying them. We will be back to this store again...

Next we were off to Lake Wailes Park.

Lake Wailes is right in Lake Wales, but don't ask me why they spell the name of the Lake different than the name of the Town... one of those things I guess. We brought our bicycles with us to tear up the walking/cycling path.

We really like our new bike rack on the back of the Cruze, as you can mount and dismount your bike is seconds... and they don't move one inch while you motor down the highway.

Just a great afternoon for a bike ride...

Yes, there are gators out there in that lake somewhere... we stayed away.

and then someone threw up the "Bat Signal..." (Actually he is just drying his wings, there is a proper name for him, it just escapes me, but they are all over Florida)

This guy above is shopping for dinner...

We decided to go up the Bob Evans Restaurant in Lake Wales for their festive dinner tonight...

They had a real yummy turkey dinner real cheap! Now, I am stuffed.... (ooohhhhhhh, sorry...)

Till tomorrow....

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day off for a movie...

Yesterday was a major clean up day around here... I had washed up the Motorhome the day before, and did some sundry further cleaning on it, and managed to put a coat of Mothers Paste Wax on the Cruze to get it just a shinning! Judy spent the day yesterday cleaning up the interior of the Motorhome in a big way. We had so much condensation this fall while up in Woodstock, it actually started to turn to mould in a few areas, which we all know is no good at all. It is really dry down here, and all that condensation is now gone, so Judy cleaned and washed down all the interior walls, and crevises to get it back to spic and span again.

Today was supposed to be the Street Sale for all residents, as you put your junk good stuff you have out on the corner of your lot for sale. Problem was, Mother Nature had different ideas though... it was misting rain all morning, so it all got cut real short. We had the bicycles out to tour around, but we gave up, as it was simply too much rain.

We thought we would try some of the local stores to see if their roofs were leaking, but they were all OK and full of shoppers... We made our way to the Eagle Ridge Mall, and enjoyed lunch and then headed over to the Theatre. We wanted to catch the 3rd film to be released in the Hunger Games saga... Mockingjay!


Even though there were only 3 books written in the series, they have decided to make 4 movies out of it, dividing the last book into 2 movies....

The movie was good, and has the star power of Jennifer Lawrence as Catniss Everdeen. However I did not quite find the movie as good as the first two... probably for a few reasons, one being they only put a movie out every year, so it has been 3 years now since I read the books, so some of the shine has worn off. Also, the 3rd book had a big change in plot, which reflects in the movie as well. Overall though, very good, and yes, I will probably pay my money to catch the last movie this time next year. The Movie was released yesterday of course, just in time for American Thanksgiving next week. The Theatre we attended today, had 25 showings of the movie TODAY alone! $15.00 was the Sr. price for Judy and I to see it today. (oh, ya, I bought a box of Milk Duds as well...)

When we got home we had a nice surprise Facetime Call from Chris, Kristina, and the kids... they are doing well, and report it was raining today on top of all that snow that came down the past few days.

I grabbed a couple screen shots at the end of the call... Charlie's turned out a little funny... not sure what is going on with his hair there... Gwenny was blowing us a kiss.

Nice and warm here in Florida today, even if it was overcast... about 75 deg. F, which is very comfortable.

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clean up makes for a pretty busy day...

I was out the door with hose, and bucket in hand... wanted to get the RV washed up after 2,000 klms were put on just getting here. It was a mess. The weather was perfect here today for this work...slightly overcast but with some sun and temps around 70 deg. F.

I started up on the roof, and you can see the difference on the front, that I already washed. This gets dirty due to the leaves and trees we park under up in Woodstock.

I had all the tools of the trade out working on the job... music, pails, chairs for a rest... ladder, you name it. All hands on deck for this job today.

Can you tell what area of the canopy I finished??? Yikes... that is what a bunch of leaves do for you!

While I was up on the roof, I took a few shots of our Park. There is a lot of people here already this year, can you blame them??? In the pic right above, you can see two pull through lots right beside us that are still empty. Don't worry, they will come.

I started putting our site together, with our canopys, and our tire covers after all the washing and drying was completed. Worked till 4 p.m. this afternoon... whew... just like a real job. However, we are now all set up for the time we are here.

Judy got into the walking class today, and then followed that up with line dancing.... she will be in shape!

Till tomorrow...