Friday, February 10, 2012

It’s almost over!!!

Take heart fellow Canadians!  Winter is almost over, I can guarantee it for you!  The proof is in the pudding.

This afternoon, as we were sitting outside around our fire in a can, with our neighbours Greg and Cindy, from Washington, a flock of CANADA GEESE were heading north!  Had to be about 25 or 30 of them, and they were certainly on a northerly heading… back to the homeland! 


Certainly this must be a good sign!  Probably these are B.C. geese, heading back up to the Vancouver area…I am not sure.   Probably Ontario’s Geese head down to Florida for the winter, and may be thinking about flying back home now… not sure.

Today I am not sure why the Geese would be leaving, as it was 33 deg. C. here anyways… over 85 F.   Simply a great day, for flying, and for sitting around enjoying life, and that is what we did…  I did spend a bit of time outside working on my new airplane as I received all my hardware from Florida!  3 days delivery, for $2.00, not bad. USPS!

Judy did a boat load of laundry, and RV cleaning, and all that good stuff!  I took the Burgman into DHS to pick up another movie at the Red Box, ($1.29) so we will enjoy the movies tonight!

Tomorrow is the “Tour de Palm Springs”, which is a huge bicycle race, which starts in Palm Springs and comes right out our Dillon Road… hopefully I can snag a couple pictures of all the action tomorrow.

Till tomorrow…


  1. It's clearly a perfect day. Weather here in Yuma has been near perfect also.

  2. thanks makes me happy to think that the snow bird season is almost over.. :)..the pain and suffering of those of us who are just sitting back and reading of all the sunny warm adventures is coming to an end!..bring on the spring and summer of 2012~~

  3. Geese northward bound are always a good sign.

  4. maybe an early spring back home:)??? heres hoping although back home tomorrow they are expecting 30cms snow...

  5. I just figured it was too warm for those Canadian Geese and they needed to head home where they can be comfortable. Get some good pics tomorrow for us.

  6. Which membership are you using to stay there?

    Mike and Dee

  7. It is freeze your butt cold here with 3 inches of snow overnight. Walking in the white stuff is not the same as desert sand and no one is wearing shorts and sandals

  8. I'm not so sure the geese heading north is a good sign as that means we'll have to follow them soon.

    We made a mistake of going into Palm Springs this morning and ran into a gazillion folks on bikes!!