Saturday, November 3, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

We decided to hit the road at 8:30 this morning... whew... way ahead of our regular time, but that is life! We made a decision to try to head down as far as Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in order to get our flat Jeep tired repaired.

Ya, check out our damaged B. F. Goodrich Tire... not looking too good here... it is mounted where the spare goes, on our back tailgate of the Jeep.

We had to drive over 380 klicks today to achieve this goal, and with the early start, we pulled into Winston-Salem at around 2:45 this afternoon! BONUS: It was sunny and warm! YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Instead of getting the tire repaired, I decided to return it to the Company we bought it from... Discount Tires. I seemed to remember that the Salesman told me something about free repairs to this tire if I got a flat...ya, that was way back in New Mexico, last April!

Judy and I walked into the Customer Service Area of the Dealership, and a nice young guy met us and says "Whats up?". I said, "Seems we have run into a problem today..." He says, "No Problem, I am here to fix it for you!" WOW... did he really say that????

We explained how this bucket of scrap metal, met up with our tire on the Hwy. 81, and thus ended up very flat, and with a dent in it! He asked for our key, said he would bring the Jeep right into one of the bays, and take a look at it! I said, "All right!"

You can see our Motorhome parked behind the service bays... yes, that is warm sunshine!

They could accomodate quite a few vehicles at once, and had a lot of Staff Members on duty! He then told me something that was sweet music to my ears! "If your tire can be repaired, it will be for free, and if the tire is totally ruined, it will be replaced for you!" Wow... what a place!

Apparently, when I bought these tires in New Mexico, the Salesperson sold me the life time replacement warranty which I was either not aware of, or forgot about... I am 60 you know!

10 minutes later he calls me in and tells me the tires was destroyed with a 2 inch cut, and they will have to replace this tire for us with a brand new one! Perfect! 10 minutes later, we were back on the road!

The next set of tires I buy, will probably be from these guys! I have said it before in this blog, if someone offers us great customer service, I will recomend them. I will. Discount Tires, aka America's Tires in some locations, are a great Company, that took care of us today, with a smile! We appreciated it!

As you drive into Winston-Salem, NC, you get to see Pilot's Mountain, not to be confused by Pilot's Knob in California! 2 things to note here... #1: Check out Pilot's Mountain, #2: Check out the sky!

We drove to a nice RV Park, called Cross Winds Family Campground, an hour south of Winston-Salem, and are here for the night trying to decide what to do tomorrow... yes, love the RV life!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Discount it!
    Glad you hit some warmth. We did too in Kentucky.

  2. wow good service ....and free to boot..can't ask for any better than that..we too are in NC :)...pulled in here today...

  3. nice to get such great customer service!!
    Sure hope there is no more 'shrapnel' during your travels!

  4. Not sure which I like better - great customer service or warm sunshine. And you have both so perfect.

  5. Good customer service is worth its weight in gold! Good deal, enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

  6. We got our tire fixed at Discount Tire just the other day. No charge. Plus, I read another blogger rave about them.

  7. Yikes, that tire!
    Gotta love good service... it can sometimes be too hard to find!

  8. Hi John & Judy......will you be near Lake Wales Florida....just booked in at Saddlebag Resort for Jan,Feb & March.....Heather & Don may be renting a fixed unit for part of Jan & Feb as travels