Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mac and Cheese for my "Dad"...

Well, Fathers Day here started off like most lately, very wet... yup, more rain! At least it turned out very nice this afternoon, with the sun coming out, and enough time to enjoy dinner outside.

Kristina called me this afternoon, and invited her Dad in for dinner tonight! Mac and Cheese! One of my favourties!

Gwenny also loves it as she started chowing down as soon as her plate was set down... Chris made an excellent garden salad, right from his garden!

Gwenny also helped out her Mom in creating a Father's Day Card for me... along with some of my favourite brands... it turned out to be a great Father's Day! Oh... the sign on the bottle says, "Pop Pop's Stash"....

We had planned to travel this week up to the Orillia area to visit friends and family members... however that plan came to an abrupt halt today. I was checking the RV Tire Pressures as I always do, and soon figured out that one of my back tires had "zero" pressure in it! Yikes, another flat tire! So, now with another one of our rear tires down, we will take the opportunity to replace them all. Our front tires were new within the last 2 years, so 4 new rear tires will finish it off. Ya, the fun of RV ownership.

Here is a product recommendation for you. Last week we were over at the big Auto Show in London, Ontario, and while I was there, got in the line up at the McGuire's Tent for some of their free samples.

This is a bottle of their "Instant Wax' product. Thought I would give it a try. It works very much the same as The Solution. You spray it on, give it wipe, and then buff with a dry microfiber cloth. I found this product to have a thicker consistency to it than The Solution, but worked very similar. Overall, it did an excellent job!

I was able to complete the entire Jeep in under 20 minutes, and it looked great. I am not sure of the price of this product... but would consider this for sure if in the market for it.

Till tomorrow...



  1. That's one shiny automobile!! And mac and cheese - oh yeah, no you're talking my language.

  2. I have been using Meguiars on our vehicles for a few years now, love it.
    I sent you an email about a good place for RV tires.
    Another great Father's Day.

  3. Mac 'n Cheese with Crown Royal - you are truly a spoiled Father, John but deservedly so for all you do for your kids!

    I use that Meguiar's spray wax on our vehicles and it works great.