Sunday, December 8, 2013

I can see clearly now....

Nope, not gonna tell you how the weather was here today...just ain't going to do it! Have you ever heard of the movie "ground hog day"....

Not too much on the go today... travelled up to Winter Haven this morning to attend Church and stopped at Wally World of course for our contribution.

Took on a job on Judy's Burgman this afternoon. A couple years ago I put a set of riding lights on the front of her bike, however they did not stay running long at all, for a variety of reasons. Today, I installed a new set of LED driving lights for her.

I had to move the motorcycle inside my "man cave" to work on it today, due to the incliment weather outside, that I can't talk about...

Ended up taking about 2 1/2 hours working on this job... had 86% of my tools out to help me along.

The job ended in success, just in time for happy hour tonight with all our neighbours...

Here is Judy giving us a demo of the new lights out on our road... looking good!

Our friends Tom and Cheryl hope to check out of Ontario tomorrow, as they are staged tonight with 5th Wheel in tow, and ready to make the trip to Frostproof. Hope to see them near the end of the week, and don't forget those guitar picks Tom, Judy lost her's!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Very much like the lights. Very cool.

  2. It's good to have a good mechanic in the family. The lights look might fine.

  3. The lights looking good.
    I am like you everytime I start a project I think all 4 of my tool boxes come out.
    Enjoy your weather, must get pretty boring, same weather everyday? LOL....

  4. Glad to hear you only had to use 86% of your tools - that beats me.

    Even without a weather report the picture of you working in your t-shirt, shorts and bare feet tells us more than we really need to know.