Sunday, March 9, 2014

The 86th Annual Arcadia Rodeo...

Rodeos are a big thing here in Florida, with lots of people attending them. Today we took in the Rodeo in Arcadia, which attracted about 8,000 people on a beautiful Florida Afternoon.

The stands were full today with lots of Canadians in attendance to watch a couple cowboys who made their way down from Canada.

In between Tom and Cheryl, are their friends Dave and Helen who are visiting from Ontario of course!

There was lots of action, bare back horse riding, bronco riding, you name it!

I know that my back could not take this kind of pounding, so this is a young man and womens sport for sure!

They even had mutton busting, where kids ride sheep to see who can stay on the longest!

Judy grabbed the iPhone and did this selfie, while Gerard was looking the other way, cause he said he did not receive his royalty cheque the last time he was in the blog.

Above is the Florida equivalent of a Zamboni!

The barrel racing was wild and as fast as ever... these cowgirls just fly in this event...well, the horse does too I guess!

Always lots of pomp an ceremony at the was no exception.

We were a little too close to the bull riding to get good pictures, but it is always the crowd favourite event!


Here are a couple videos I took if you want to check them out...

All of us ended up a Chilies in Sebring for a nice dinner after the Rodeo...great time had by all.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Didn't figure on Florida being a rode hotbed. Great pics.

  2. Certainly another fun day in the sun. Thanks for sharing.