Monday, May 16, 2011

Travel day, back to Woodstock…

We left Bracebridge this morning by 9:00 and headed 20 minutes south to Gravenhurst and one of our regular visits to Dr. John Robinson, our Dentist.  We have been going to Dr. R for many years now and are very happy with their service!

Made it back down to Woodstock by 4:00 this afternoon and stopped in to see Kristina for a minute to check on progress of the new Baby’s Room.  There is still some work to do so I will be there first thing tomorrow morning to get a start on it!

Judy brought back Patra a little catnip mouse from the pet store in Bracebridge and she FREAKED out this afternoon when Judy gave it to her… she was so excited to see us and just started going nuts…


She is lying on the bottom step of our stairwell, leading outside…


Crazy cat… she was having fun.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Aw what a cute little kitty.

  2. I hope that catnip is for medicinal use only.

  3. Great shot of Patra lying in the stairwell!!