Friday, July 13, 2012

Port Dover takes on Friday the 13th...

I blogged about this last year, but this year, it has happened again! Friday the 13th. Back in 1981, 25 people got together at a hotel in Port Dover on their motorcycles. They had such a good time, they decided to do it again every Friday the 13th! This year, the weather was absolute perfect, and with holidays going on in July, over 200,000 people showed up in Port Dover today on their motorcycles!

Port Dover is a very small Town on the Lake of Erie, of only 5,000 people... today there was over 200,000 there to visit... can you imagine? Crazy... I took a few photos off of CTV News out of Toronto.



Judy and I had thought about taking a drive on our bikes, and checking it out... however, we soon knew it was going to be way too hot, and way too many people attending! This turned out to be overwhelming! They normally close all the roads leading into Town, and people park cars outside the Town and walk in, or drive you bike in. Today, apparently they had so many motorcycles, they had to start parking them outside of Town... I heard them driving by at 7:00 this morning, past our park on the way to Dover. Police were concerned about people getting water! You would not have been able to buy anything... too many people!

Next year, it happens on Sept. 13th, and Dec. 13th. They don't worry about winter when it comes to this event!

At 10:00 this morning, Judy and I went for a walk down by Lake Pittock... it was hot then!


I was standing out on the dock taking some pics...

Here is that picture above, that I was taking on the dock... in the distance is the dam.

This section of the trail above, was nice and cool...

Gwenny convinced her Mom and Dad to bring her out and visit us for a swim tonight... the only way to keep cool around here! She is in her PJ's above, all set to leave and head off to bed!

That is about it for today!

Till tomorrow...


  1. What a pretty lake.
    The bike rally sounds like it was a great success. Where do all those people go to the bathroom? Hehe

  2. the bike rally looks and more than likely sounds like the one at Sturgis!..what a great idea for a Friday the 13th!..
    Gweenny is a cutie pie in her pjs!!

  3. Yikes!! That's just a few too many human beings in one space at the same time!!

    Gwenny looks as delightful as always.

  4. Kelly & I took Virago 750 there a couple times years ago on Friday the 13th. I remember how crowded it was then & today would have been worse. Enjoyed our time there but no way would I go again with sooooooooo many people crammed into such a small area. You wouldn't have believed the mess thousands upon thousands of people crowding into the local Tim Horton's there had made. And then there was the endless line-ups for the overflowing port-a-potties. Yikester Bikester!!

  5. Nice pj's Gwenny!

    I'm wondering why so many people would still want to go to that crazy looking get together? Must be a real madhouse.

  6. Love Port Dover but have never been on a Friday 13th. We don't have bikes and not sure we really want to experience the crowds.

  7. We used to have bikes, and used to attend rallies etc..but I can't imagine being in a crowd that large...especially on a hot day...Gwenny get more adorable by the her jammies..