Monday, August 12, 2013

Cottage life come to a close for another year...

We had a fantastic weekend up at Sauble Beach, and want to thank Deb and Gerard for hosting us all. A great time was had by all, and the weather was incredible!

We all went back down to the Beach last night to watch the Meteor Shower hitting Ontario right now, and were impressed once again. It was not as good as Saturday night, but we did get a pretty good light show non the less... no, that is not a picture I took above... just wanted to get you all in the meteor shower mood.

A lot of people commented on the sand sculptures we saw over the weekend at Sandfest. Before we left the cottage today, Deb and Gerard, Judy and I took a walk back down the Beach to see if the sand display was still there. It was! The picture you see above turned out to be the Grand Winner for the weekend in the Advanced Catagory. I thought it was pretty good.

This sand castle above came in second for the weekend. A lot of work!

After our walk, it was time to fire up the Jeep for the 3 hour drive back down to Woodstock... but one last picture of Deb and Gerard out front of the cottage.

After tripping home for about an hour, our Jeep surpassed a milestone as you can see in this extremely blurry picture above, showing 200,000 klms. spinning on the dial. Still lots left in this vehicle!

After I told Charlie how far the Jeep has travelled... he just about freaked out! Wow... was all he could say! Better get it serviced soon Pop Pop was the advice he gave!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Charlie's right - you better get that Jeep in soon.

    Charlie's looking great - he'll be wanting to crawl around soon. He's a good looking little guy for sure!

  2. A great weekend you had for sure.
    Service you vehicles regularly and they will last you a very long time.

  3. I just love those sand sculptures.

    It has been overcast every night here. No sightings for us.

  4. The photo of Charlie is a contest winner!

    200 K is not a lot for the jeep and, as you suggest, it has many more drives ahead.

    I always admire the creativity and artistry of those sand sculptors.