Sunday, October 19, 2014


Seven p.m. this evening, and Shawn and I just got back into the house, after a few more logs bit the dust by way of the splitter. We also declared "Mission Accomplished", as the property is now ready for the pool guys to come in on Tuesday and start the installation process! This was our goal for the week and we achieved it! Felt good!

Shawn and I might open a new business... "Hollingers Fire Wood Sales", as we kind of made a bit of it today. That stump that Shawn is standing on above, will be coming out. It is left that high off the ground, as they will use the Bobcat to remove it...apparently it makes it easier being higher. That chain link fence will be removed as well, it is the old dog run.

You can split a lot of wood in a day with one of these... and no back aches!

One of Shawn's Friends came along this afternoon, and helped us out. He took a 1/2 ton truck load of firewood home with him, and you could not see the dent in the wood pile...there is a lot of fire wood, and a lot more to come! We will not get all the wood split today, but when I come back in mid November, may take another swing at it if the weather is good.

All clear above for the new pool... just have to get rid of the stumps. This is what we wanted!

Most of this got cleared out above, just a few big pieces left for the bobcat to move for us.

We had helpers today on the lot... Emmie above showing off her talents...

Paige was also in fine form out on the wood pile!

Check out the short video above of the kids with an imagination! That is one of Emmie's friends visiting.

The girls like playing in their big playhouse combo.

I sure had a great week visiting with the Hollingers in Tennessee this week. A bit of hard work never hurt anyone, and it was nice to be able to help them get the property ready for the pool work. As a surprise to me, they dragged me off the splitter this afternoon, forced me to have a shower and get cleaned up, and then we all headed out to my favourite restaurant, "The Olive Garden" in Johnson City for a big celebration dinner! It was awesome! I enjoyed!

This evening Jenn booked me into my flight tomorrow morning, as I fly from here to Atlanta, and then back to Toronto by 5:05 p.m. tomorrow night. Judy will pick me up at Pearson, just in time for us to go and enjoy dinner somewhere on the airport strip maybe... Jenn is also my guest photographer this evening, taking most of the pictures to see above.



  1. Sounds like you had an wonderful time, just getting things done, helping the family out as well.
    Soon you be ready to be driving that way again.

  2. Looking good! Love the pics of Emmie and Paige's!😄

  3. I concur: A bit of hard work never hurt anyone. And the results will prove positive in only a few weeks or so. And to spend time with your son and his family is a huge bonus.

    Safe journey back home.

  4. Beautiful pics of Emmie and Paige - lots more to come when that new pool is in I'll bet!

    Sure happy to see you and Dr. Shawn made it through the week with all your limbs still attached! What a lot of hard work.

    Have a safe flight back home!