Sunday, April 5, 2009

April is cancer month and so I thought I would post a picture of some nice dafodills that mom and I both bought this past Friday downtown. Wonderfull flowers and a great colour....

Went over to Lindsay yesterday and visited Tech Mobile Communications. I purchased their sulution for internet, which is a satelite system. Spent the whole afternoon with Armand, who went through the whole set up procedure with me and did a terrific job. It is a well made quality piece of equiptment and should service us very well. It allows you to basically get internet anywhere in Canada, USA and Mexico. Beyond that you are on your own. Takes about 20 minutes or less to set it up and line up the dish. Helps a whole lot if you have a GPS to give you your location co-ordinates, and we happen to have a very nice Magallen GPS that gives you the required numbers in a flash!

Also my Friend, David (Gator) LaMaitre, picked me up from his favorite truck stop, a real nice top of the line Cobra Night Hawk CB Radio for the Endura. That will keep us in touch 10-4 with all the good buddies out there....(they don't use that term any more...) so I have to learn the 10 codes all over again. Think I will use the handle "Maverick" on the air waves.... Just need to get the motor home so I can install it and put on the antenna's, that I don't have yet.''

Next on the agenda is to head to Oakville tomorrow to go and see Emmie and Jenn, as they fly home from Panama and we pick them up at Buffalo airport. Have to baby sit Emmie on Tuesday, that will keep Judy running....

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