Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A New Toy to Play with!!!

Last weekend I made the trip over to Lindsay and spent the afternoon with Armond from Tech Mobile Communications, and decided to pick up one of their internet solutions, for use in our new RV when we "hit" the road. This system is real neat. You can set up the whole thing is less than 20 minutes from scratch. All you need is your handy little hand held gps (which I happened to pick up allready) and you punch in your co-ordinates in the computer, and it tells you where to point the dish. It is pretty easy to set up. We will also be able to bring in HD Bell Expressview coverage off the same system, pointing at the same Hughs Satelite. Cool. I have not subscribed yet to the internet provider, but will do once we move into the RV. At least we will be able to keep in communication with everyone and be able to surf, and blog and bank and do all those cool things you can on the internet. The picture is taken by my buddy Dave LeMaitre who dropped by and help me set up the dish and line it up on the bird in the sky. Did not take us long at all. Seems like a very high quality product, and the supplier came very highly recommended.

On Easter Sunday I did keep with tradition, (yes, we went to family Easter Dinner compliments of Grama Hollinger) and got the motorcycles out of winter storage. It was pretty ccccccold driving on Sunday afternoon, but I did go out. Could not convince Judy to go out though.... We had David and Angella's bikes in storage and they dropped by and we rescued thier as well, and then David and I got into oil changes on them. A great way to spend the afternoon. Well, here is to another great riding season. They are saying 17 degrees by this Saturday, and that will make us a warm as Johnson City, Tennessee, or maybe Woodstock, Ont. who knows......

Anyways, that is enough for tonight....sleep time....


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  2. Look at your snow!! Aie aie aie! It MUST have been hard pushing those bikes through the yard.