Friday, April 10, 2009

When things seem to good to be true....

Ok, Judy here. John has been doing all the blogging so far and today on Good Friday, I decided it was my turn.

Our house deal seemed too good to be true, and I guess that was the case. The people that put in the offer did not have the means to close the deal so it was all a show. Oh well, it just wasn't meant to be and we know it will sell soon. It is a great house in a great neighbourhood and there are lots of people out there looking. This has given us the opportunity to relax this long weekend instead of going crazy.

Last week, I bought some grass in a bag for our cats. Cats love to eat grass and this bag is just for that purpose. It had grown the required 2-4" today so I called Cleo & Patra and they both went crazy for awhile having their own Spring fling indoors!

Hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed Easter!

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  1. After reading this post last night I dreamt that Josh (? I think it was him) went out and bought a bag of this grow your own kitty grass!

    At least I wasn't dreaming of transcriptions ha ha.