Thursday, August 9, 2012

Big change in our weather...

Yes, big change in our weather, as it looks like we have rain for the next 3 or 4 days! Big change for us. The temperature has also dropped, as it is only about 15 deg. C here tonight, and we have actually had to close up our big door on the RV!

This morning we decided to head into Woodstock, as we had heard about the annual Street Fair taking place, so wanted to check it out! It had stopped raining, so we met up with Kristina and Gwenny, and simply walked down to Dundas St. from the house.

It was overcast, but was not raining when we headed down... there was lots to see.

Below, Judy stopped to pick up a package of chocolate butter tarts!!!!! Have you ever heard of such a thing! I thought I might have one a dinner tonight, but she left them at Kristina's house! What?

Kristina thought it would be real cool if Gwenny got a "Free Face Painting"... Problem was, Gwenny was not aware it was free, and thought she would have to pay money! So, she decided she didn't really want to get her face painted at all, as she had forgotten her purse at home!

Kristina thought that if She got a flower painted on her face, then Gwenny might decide to spend some money and get one... but it was not to be... Gwenny got a couple little lines, and that is all she could handle...
Next we were off to the fishing pond in the Town Fountain! Gwenny got right into this sport, and even wanted to go swimming! Problem was she didn't have her bathing suit.


This guy in the picture below wouldn't stop clowning around, and Gwenny took a few minutes to warm up to him...
Soon after, it started to rain on us... and as it was right around lunch time, we decided to head into a new business on the main street, called Union Burger. This is a new Restaurant that is cropping up all over south western Ontario. I had what is called an Hawaiin Chicken Burger. It was real good!

The rain had settled in for the afternoon, we we quickly headed for home after lunch. Too bad it going to rain so much the next few days for the merchants, as we have had such a great summer.

The afternoon today was spent doing RV routines in the rain! You know... laundry, cleaning, etc. all the fun stuff.



Good new about my Cousin Fred, and his Wife, Lydia, down in Mexico. They had prepared their home with storm shutters, and did not have any problems when Ernesto went by. Fred tells me the only thing that got lost was a night's sleep! Good to hear.

Till tomorrow...




  1. Chocolate Butter Tarts....well yeah!! Every time I make butter tarts I get the request from the other half to drop in a few chocolate chips. Personally I think the chocolate ruins the tarts but who am I to argue with a chocoholic? Maybe Kristina will save one for you John.

  2. Left them at Kristina's house! What?...that is exactly what I would have said. What was she thinking?

    Rained here in Ohio also, but this area needs it badly!

  3. I can't believe you didn't get even one of the tarts. That's just downright sad. I had an Hawaiian Chicken burger tonight for dinner with pineapple on it. No rain here in Montana - just record heat.

  4. There are 3 tarts left, if you drop by tomorrow there's one with your name on it for both of you. If I don't see you tomorrow... no promises.

  5. no tarts for you?..what the heck?..but I see from Kristina's message she is saving one for you!
    nice to see a break in the heat wave!!

  6. Looks like a fun day, but best hurry back today as Kristina has a couple of those chocolate butter tarts on hold for you. Limited time offer!

  7. You wuz robbed!! Go back and buy a dozen chocolate tarts!

    Poor Gwenny - someone wants to paint her face and then a scary looking clown stares at her. What a day!!