Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let the Games begin...

This morning we had some rain falling at the cottage, and it rained quite a bit overnight! The nerve of it all! By lunch time today, the sun finally made an appearance, however it was windy. Temps were nice in the mid 20's.

So today we all took the Olympic Theme to our weekend very serious! Let the games begin. Every year we do a different "activity" while we are all up here as a group...


To kick off the events after we sang the National Anthem, Darlene was showing her skills below, in the "Catch a Plastic Cup with a Beer Bottle Competition" . Check out the concentration on her face... this was a very serious event.

Next up below, is Judy, showing her skills in the "Bat the Balloon in the Air" contest... you had two balloons in your hands, and you have to bounce a 3rd one in the air without letting it touch the ground. It is harder when there is a strong wind blowing like today! Makes it more exciting.

Below Gerard is showing gold medal form in the lift a piece of pasta contest. Put a piece of spagetti in your mouth and pick up a piece of penne pasta, and drop it in the bowl... only using your mouth!

Below is Dale, showing her form in the throw your shoe competition! You had to land your shoe by kicking it off your foot, and land it onto the board in front of her...
Al was showing fine form in the move the cookie from your forehead, down to your mouth game!
Dale was leading the way, in the throwing of a golf ball into the Olympic Rings! Harder than it looks!
At the end of the day, we had closing ceremonies, and guess what! I won the Gold Medal for the day... errrr I mean the bottle of wine! Al came in for the Silver Medal, and Darlene won Bronze.

After the games were over, to cool off, the group headed down for a dip in Lake Huron! As you can tell, the surf was up this afternoon, but the water was warm!

So, yes, it was a bit of a crazy afternoon, but we had a lot of fun! The Ladies cooked up an excellent Italian Dinner tonight that we all enjoyed.

Till tomorrow...


  1. You guys are HILARIOUS! Just wondering about that Italian dinner though. Did you use the spaghetti and penne pasta from your earlier games? (just rinse it off, it'll be fine)

  2. Well, congratulations John for being the BIG winner. I would take a bottle of wine over a gold medal any day...WRONG!
    The games sound like so much fun. I am sure you all laughed all day long. Great fun!

  3. congrats to all the winners and the particpants too!..looks like it was a fun day!!

  4. Fun and Games at Sauble Beach. Sun, surf, good friends and a great dinner. Perfect for a long weekend.

  5. The beach at Lake Huron sure looks nice.

    I expect NBC will be up at Sauble Beach next year to cover the 'games' live in Prime Time!