Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Winds of Change are blowing!!!

Watch out... the winds of change...

They can be stronger than the winds that blow all the Palm Spring Wind Mills!
This might be a bit of a shock to people this summer, but Judy and I have made a major decision for us for this coming winter. We will not be returning to Desert Hot Springs! Instead we will be heading to Florida!

We have decided that it is time for a change this year. We have travelled out west for the past 3 winters, and we have always talked about spending a winter in Florida. New ground to explore. New sights to see, new people to meet! How is that for a change.

We will miss all our DHS friends, but fear not, we may return in the future!

This winter we will be staying at the Cypress Campgrounds and RV Park, which is located smack dab in the middle of Florida, in Winter Haven. You cannot get more central in Florida than this is.

This winter we will also be able to bring our trailer with the 2 motorcycles in it, along with the Jeep, so we will have all our toys availiable to us.

More on this decision to come.

Today, turned into a wood day. We got started around 10:00 out at Diane and David's with a great breakfast prepared for us. It was soon into loading firewood.


David and Diane have sold their property in the country, and will soon move to Woodstock. They had a big supply of firewood, so we moved it into Chris and Kristina's place to help keep them warm over the next couple winters.

Cris was right into loading some larger pieces that will be cut up later...

Kristina and Gwenny came out to do some supervising, as we loaded up the motorcycle trailer. It will hold one big load of wood.

OK, so maybe I didn't carry the biggest pieces of the day, but I trudged onward...

Now, there is the guy with muscles! Notice Father and Father in Law standing back thinking to themselves, "Ya, I used to be able to do that"...


These big stumps will be split by a power splitter, and made into nice firewood.'

Gwenny tricked her Grand Pa into pulling her around in her wagon after wood was finished!

This is where all that wood ended up... all set for winter! ( winter = nasty word!)

Till tomorrow...



  1. Great minds think alike. We just made the decision today to try Florida this summer also. We haven't decided where yet but it won't be on the water. WAAAAAY too expensive to be by the water.

  2. That's one heck of a load of firewood!

    Florida? I guess this means we won't be seeing you and Judy at Ruby's for breakfast this year?

    A change will be nice but you seem to be a 'sun magnet' so I'm just a bit concerned about how this winter in Desert Hot Springs is going to turn out.

  3. Seem to be lots of folks thinking about trying out Florida this year. So there should be lots of great folks down that way for you to meet. Here's hoping the weather is absolutely perfect for you.

  4. sometimes a change is a good thing!..I am sure all your 'friends; will miss you but a new place is a great idea!

  5. A change is always good, our plan is to stop by Florida for a week our two and just wander out west until its time to begin heading home.
    I do remember splitting all that firewood and the cold winters, don't miss them.

  6. Spending our 2nd Jan. Feb. and March in Florida (March really really busy) in Fort Myers. Lots and lots to see and do - too much for 3 months. Great time and definitely spendy if near the water - stayed at Shady Acres - nice spot - mid priced. Hill country of Texas for us in Nov and Dec. Absolutely beautiful country. Next year - out west.

  7. As Gomer Pyle used to say, "surprise-surprise". My Aunt Jean lives in Florida & her health has taken a tumble so we may have to go there for a week before heading west. Been to Florida half a dozen times over the years or so & it just isn't our cup of tea. Guess we're just a couple of dried up old southwest desert rats.