Monday, September 20, 2010

Can it really be the end of SUMMER???

Today is the last full day of summer, who would have thought???   Seems it can’t be!  It was a gorgeous day here in Muskoka, hope it was where ever you were today.  Seems the trees up here know that fall is on it’s way… check out these pictures I took today…


These pics were taken along the Gravenhurst Parkway, just up the road from  Fenbrook Inst. and Beaver Creek Prisons… where Judy works… well, for the next 15 days or so anyways!



As you can see, we are starting to get advanced in our fall colours…



Well, tomorrow is the first day of fall, and it sure won’t be long for us to hit the road, and start heading south into warmer climates!  Can’t wait!

Our Daughter Kristina, and her Husband Chris, had to deal with the passing of a beloved pet, Graham this past weekend.  Graham was only a couple years old, but ended up with a very severe infection.  Graham was a very good cat, and will be missed!

Also this past weekend, our son Shawn celebrated his 32nd birthday… (starting to get up there…) Hope you enjoyed your day Dr. Hollinger! (Don’t burn your eyes out on that new IPad)

Welcome to Don, our latest follower. Looks like he is getting ready to go full time RVing in a nice new Mobile Suites 5th wheels.  Welcome to RVlifeonwheels Don!

Till tomorrow…

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