Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Renovations coming to our KOA…

Turned out to be a nice day today, just a little cool. I was out and about this morning attending a committee meeting for the upcoming Heart and Stroke Golf Tournament.  I have been lending a helping hand and the event is just a couple of weeks away with lots to do yet!

A construction crew came in yesterday and started replacing the roof on the office/store of our KOA.  This park has been here for quite a few years and the store kind of needed a bit of a face lift. 


Right beside our KOA, is a mountain bike trail, called “Buckwallow”…   It uses the same trails as they use for Xcountry skiing in the winter.  The pic below is where you start.  Mountain biking has become real popular around here, and many people come to participate.


This afternoon involved going up to the Hospital in Bracebride for a chest X-ray my Dr. wanted to see.  He is doing some follow up from my Heart Surgery that I had five years ago now… (Triple Bypass)…

The Hospital was super efficient and had my X-ray taken before I knew it and I was on my way!  It got me to thinking about when I did have my Heart Bypass Surgery at the Toronto General Hospital.  The treatment I received was second to none, they even included a free helicopter ride.  They were fast, efficient, and saved my life!  They actually had to do my surgery on an emergency basis starting at 1:00 in the morning…  the surgery team had to be called in to do it!  Apparently everyone stayed awake!   I will never forget what they did for me in Toronto that night, including Dr. R.J. Cuzimano who was the surgeon.  You will NEVER hear me complain about the Health System in Ontario… it worked for me!Party smile

And now that I get thinking about it all… I still have a nice digital picture of my heart that Dr. Cuzimano took in the middle of the surgery and emailed it to me afterwards as a souvenir! That was sure different…

Forgot to mention my dear Mother bought Judy and I dinner last weekend for my birthday… sorry Mom… I love you!

Till tomorrow…

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  1. and we don't get to see the heart picture?