Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yes, it was a “wood” type of day…

Kristina and I were up and out the door early this morning with a few things to do in Woodstock.  First was to take one of Her Kittys (Graham… Cat face) to the Vet for a bit of a tune up… all is well!j

Next we were off in search of firewood!  They installed a nice air tight fireplace in their home last winter, however you need wood to burn in it! 

Chris’ parents have an estate property in Dorchester, with lots of available wood, and Chris and Kristina spent a day a couple weeks ago cutting and splitting wood.   All we had to do today was go and pick it up and bring it home for them!

Here is Kristina loading up the prepared wood… it was overcast today, but overall a good day for outside work, as it was a bit cooler.


We brought Cali along for a nice run on the estate property after we completed the wood… here is Cali filling up the fresh water tank!


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was in the unloading phase of the operation…


Notice how neat we were in piling it all in!


That took up pretty much all of the day today!  We all went out and enjoyed diner tonight at the Bamboo Buffet in Woodstock! Laughing out loud

Till tomorrow…

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