Sunday, September 12, 2010

OK, so I missed blogging on my birthday!

On Friday, I put up a short post, as I was heading back to Gravenhurst from Woodstock.  It was a busy ride home with lots of traffic on the highways. I looked on my camera and had a couple pictures of the clothesline we put up on Friday afternoon…  this was the end at the house with a built in elevator on it, so you can raise the laundry up after hanging!


Had a great visit with Chris and Kristina, and we managed to get a few things done as well.

On Saturday, our local Chapter of our Voyageurs Riding Club met, and headed out for a year end run.  Frank had it all arranged for us, and I think we had 10 bikes out on two different rides, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. 

We had great weather for riding, and covered many a beautiful mile in Muskoka during the day.

Here is a quick stop along the Southwood Road.


Frank and Patsy invited everyone back to their place on Gull Lake for a BBQ and a bon fire!  Here is Judy doing a little clean up after dinner.  I asked Frank to do a back flip on the trampoline but no way…  Confused smile



They have a great spot on the lake, and a boat launch area right beside them. 


North of Huntsville, on our way to Parry Sound, we came across this cemetery with a unique sign for Kristina’s collection… “Enter at your own risk?”

….   WHAT?????? 



I gave Frank a hard time about this colourful jacket he bought, it was a walking advertisement for Corona Beer…


Frank and Patsy’s dog, Joe was on the look out to score a hamburg!


Frank put on a bonfire!  It was big!



We had a great day, and Judy turned it into a bit of a birthday party for me, as she had a cake set up and every one sang to me… 

Thanks Patsy and Frank for all you did that day.  It was great, everyone had an excellent time!


Forgot to tell you… Frank had us all into his garage, and had to show off his 1963 (I think…) Honda 150…   What a machine.  I learned to drive on one on these, back in the 60’s that belonged to my older brother Richard.  Frank has a picture on his garage wall of him when he was 16 driving one of these on his Dad’s Golf Course! It sure brought back the great memories!  Love it.


Today was a slower day, and this afternoon we headed out to Housy’s Rapids to visit Judy’s brother Bob, and his Wife Kate.  Had a great visit with them going over all our adventures for the past year!

This morning we had a nice video conference with Shawn and Jenn, Emmie and Paige, from good old Tennessee!  Between them and Judy they presented me with a gift certificate, to go to the Drag Race Park in Grand Bend, Ont. and spend the day there and actually get in one of the pro stock mustangs and race!   If you google “TRYTHAT” you will get the Company’s website… you can do just about anything in this world.  I am really looking forward to doing this one, should be a blast!

Well that about catches up on everything the past couple days…

Till tomorrow…

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