Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Catfish Creek Preserve State Park

Time to go for a little hike today, and we thought we would take on the Allan Edward Brousard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park. Thinking we had never been here before, we were surprised to figure out we had in fact been here 2 years ago, but all was good, and we headed out for a hike anyways.

Not a real long hike, just 6 klms around the Florida Scrub Land, looking at a bunch of different little lakes on the preserve. This Park is meant as a home for a bunch of Florida Wildlife, including Deer, Wild Pigs, Armadillos', water birds, regular birds, and you name it, maybe even some Florida Panthers.


As you can see above, lots of scrub land, little lakes that we walked around, and a very sandy loamy type of soil on the trails. A lot of Florida is made up of this type of soil, and the orange trees thrive in it.

Judy is getting ready to climb up that huge mountain of a hill in the picture behind her...that is about the biggest hill you will find in Florida... People come to this park with their horses, and it is a great spot for riding. No charge to get in... perfect!

You can see a water bird in the picture behind me... we stopped at this little lake, and enjoyed our lunch on the bench... good old egg salad sammies....


After the hike, Judy wanted to head over to Lake Alfred, another small town in Central Florida. She had heard about a store over there full of old stuff.... or, I mean antiques!


It was a nice spot to walk around for 1/2 an hour or so, and would be fantastic if you wanted a bunch of old antique furniture. They refurbish all of the stuff themselves, and no, I did not take any pictures inside, way too many people here, so you have to come yourselves to see.

Well, we had to stop on the patio for an ice cream cone!

Turned out to be a great day, that we enjoyed!

Yup, that is a River Otter in the file picture above. When Tom and I were walking this morning, we saw one located in the small pond, right inside our Park! They eat fish, so came in to feed probably... I heard there may be two of them. Will see if we can get a real picture of one for you.


Till tomorrow...


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  1. Still enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, looks like a nice outing.