Saturday, February 7, 2015

No, we are not just sitting around....

We continue to enjoy our time in Florida this winter, today being just a fantastic day weather wise! Who wants to sit around all day inside an RV anyways...right!


Yesterday Tom and Cheryl joined us as we took a little trip up towards Lake Wales, to visit a new wine shop that had opened just recently. Had a great time.

Fiddlers Ridge Farms opened a new Winery in an industrial complex, that had a big "now open" sign on it, so away we went.

Here is Tom and Cheryl, along with Judy, as they belly up to the wine bar inside the complex. They will pour you samples so you can get an idea of the types of wines they are brewing. I did not partake in the wine tasting, as I do not drink wine at all, and besides that, someone had to pilot the Cruze.

They make fruit wines, and they got to sample Blueberry Wine, along with some Orange, and Honey Wines that they made. Judy reports they tasted pretty good. They gave us a tour of the production facility, along with all the vats they do the brewing in, and also how the bottling process works. Great way to spend some time on a warm afternoon.

Today we headed into Frostproof this morning, to enjoy "Orange Blossom Car Show". Turned out to be a big hit with everyone, as more people were at the show, than live in all of Frostproof!


Above is a picture of O'Hara's Automobile Restorations, located right on the main street in Downtown Frostproof, and they had a big hand in organizing this event. There was all kinds of cars, over 200 on display.... antiques, hot rods, the whole bit. We brought our Chevy Cruze, but for some reason no one came to look at it! Go figure!

Seems people were more interested in the fancy ones, like this old 1/2 ton above all decked out!


It was great to see all the old cars you used to own... yes, I had a couple old VW's like above...

I fell in love with this older 66 Corvette Convertible. It was in perfect condition, and the sign in the window, was the original price tag at the dealers lot. This car sold for $5,200.00 brand new! Wow...

That is Tom above, talking to the owner of this 1970 Rolls Royce. It was in mint condition. We talked to the Owner for quite a while, as he told us all about the car's history. Well, turns out it used to belong to Jimmie Paige, front man for Led Zeppelin! It is an original, with the right hand drive no less.

He knew the whole history of the car, and how it worked. He has owned it for 28 years. His wife bought it for him for his birthday. Pretty interesting takling to him.

Judy wanted to buy this truck, but said it was no good to her if she could not reach the door handle to get in the darn thing...

It was a great day to spent looking at cars and dreaming a little... had a blast.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Thanks for the car photos. I also enjoy attending these car shows. And my preferences are for antique trucks.

  2. Always fun checking out the car shows , never know what you will see, and gotta love the nice weather too.

  3. Hard to believe that Corvette sold new for only $5,200! I'm wondering why I never bought one! Oh yeah, I just remembered - I was probably making about $1.25 an hour!