Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Driveway sledding...

Tennessee gets very little snow in the winter, and it is probably a good thing! They cannot handle big loads of snow there... Yesterday they got a couple inches of the white stuff and the Hollinger Clan made the best of it.

Shawn and Jenn bought a home with 4 acres of land on top of a mountain in a Johnson City Sub-division. They could not get their car up the driveway, so had to park at the bottom and walk up. Today, they all decided to embrace the snow and do something very "Canadian..." Check out the Youtube video that Shawn posted. Keep in mind, this is all filmed on their driveway, and the best part is at the end!




This morning Judy and I had a great Facetime session with Charlie, Gwenny and Kristina. The kids were showing us how they play...crazy!

Give them a couple empty boxes and they are good for hours! It is cold up there, but they are having fun and growing! Good to see them, and Kristina looks great, as she is near the end of full term! Good luck Kristina...we love you!

Till tomorrow...

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  1. Nice to see them having fun in the snow while your guys are toasty warm.