Monday, February 2, 2015

Now, that was a Super Duper Bowl...

Whew... did everyone enjoy watching that Superbowl Game??? I knew it was going to be a good one, when it was tied at half time.

Oh ya, did you catch the half time show with non other than Katy Perry?

I thought she did a pretty good job. I have always said, "if you are invited to sing at the Superbowl, come with your best!" She did. She sang a lot of the songs that helped make her a big star! I hate it when the stars come, and want to sing their "new music" at a big event like the Superbowl. She also had great effects, like when she flew around the field on her jet platform!

The best part was the game itself, in the 4th quarter. Who would have expected the Seahawks to throw the ball when they were only half a yard out, to win the game! Wow... you have the best running back on your team and you do not give him the ball and tell him to get it into the end zone! Hard to believe. Two Coaches had to sign off on that play... If I was the team owner, I would be looking............

Judy cooked up a great big pot of Chili, so we invited Tom and Cheryl, Roger and Teri over for the big game. Tom and I did not have much to do in the afternoon, so we took the big screen TV he had out in his shed, and rigged it up to sit on my RV ladder, so we could enjoy the game sitting outside. He didn't have the actual stand for it, as it sits on a wall mount. Zip ties are the best thing ever invented.

We got it all set up, and enjoyed the game...
Turned out to be a fantastic night to sit outside here, and we watched to the end! Love Florida nights!
Oh, and yes, I might have been cheering the loudest for New England when they were handed the game at the very end! Take it any way you can get it!
Ontario got hammered today with a big snow storm... take care everyone up there!
Till tomorrow...



  1. Good TV rigging for the outdoor Super Bowl. And a nice idea to share the chilli with friends too. Too bad Seattle handed the win so easily to the Patriots. Dumb, dumb call!

  2. FYI: we are occupying site 305; the site you occupied three winters ago in Caliente' Springs Resort.

  3. I don't follow pro ball so much but was rooting for the Seahawks since they are practically in our neighborhood. That last call has got to be the dumbest football move EVER!! But it was still an exciting and fun game.

  4. I was rooting for Seattle, and figured they could pull it off. Until....

  5. No superbowl for us, no time, but we are enjoying that dumping of snow, we got.

  6. It was a great game alright. Looks like you had a perfect spot to watch it!

  7. Now that was a 'super' way to watch the game!