Monday, March 23, 2015

Bits and Pieces tonight...

The hot blazing weather continues here in mid-Florida, temps way up in the 80's and 90's which is just great with us! We actually had to go out and buy a new table fan to help cool us down in the evening, and Patra uses it during the day. This will continue here until we leave this Thursday.

I have just a bunch of different things I wanted to blog about tonight, and a lot of it centers around the Grands of course.

Little Paige, will actually turn 5 years of age tomorrow! Hope you have a great day Paige!

Paige and Emmie recently attended a birthday party for a friend, and they got to paint pictures on an easle... great idea. That is Paige posing above with her artwork, and below will be Emmie with hers...

I thought they did a terrific job on the art work... they are happy, as the weather has made a majour change up in Tennessee, and they have actually been able to get out and go swimming in their new swimming pool that was installed over the winter. Seems to me I just posted a video of them all sledding down the driveway! Check out these pictures below of the new pool...

I think there will be a bunch of new patio equipment on this deck soon...

Looks to me like Emmie taking the big jump into the pool... Shawn did say he had the pool heater going, so I am not quite sure how warm the water is a this point in time...

We will be up in Tennessee this coming weekend to help celebrate Paiges Birthday, and will get a chance to check out the new pool... not sure if I will make it in or not, but time will tell.

Two nights ago I looked up and saw the moon with nothing but a big smile...

It is hard to get a picture with an iPad when it is dark out, but this is what I got, along with the one below...

Now, if I was an astronomer, I would be able to tell you what that planet was next to the moon, it was huge! Probably Venus or Jupiter.

Kristina posted a few pictures of Lois that I borrowed... check out this first picture she made up below, which shows a comparrision picture of Lois and Gwenny, both as babies... we are thinking they look a lot alike!

It is always so hard to get a baby to pose with their eyes open it seems... just for laughs, here is a picture of Gwenny along with Lois now... Gwenny looks like a giant against little Lois!

Alright, I found one of Lois with her eyes open!

So, that is about it for tonight folks... tomorrow is a big day at the Resort here, as it is our Customer Appreciation Day, which is full of fun games, and free lunch and dinner, followed by a free concert! Looking forward to it!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice blog. Family means so much and you two have a lot to be proud about.

  2. So much to do and family to see, enjoy the heat, its warming up here slowly and the snow is going away for your arrival.

  3. I love how they are wearing the same outfit in the side by side pics....awwww lots of our family photos have the same outfit being passed down, with six kids in the family and six in our cousins family, a lot of clothes got into the same family photos year after year!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
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