Saturday, March 28, 2015

Johnson City time...

We arrived around four p.m. Yesterday, after a wet day on the road. Oh Ya, the temperature was dropping like a rock just as advertised...made it to 29 degrees F. Last night, but with heater help, we survived.

Best part was meeting up with the gang for supper! (Jenn cooked up homemade macaroni with chicken.....yummy...). Check out the video I took of Emmie and Paige doing Cheers they have learned...

After dinner they took us on a tour of the new pool...when we left last fall, this was a big mud hole!

The pool Company did a terrific job...amazing! Check out the video I took of the power cover...

This makes for a nice safe pool. All the pool controls are sent from Shawn's smart phone....very cool.

Today Shawn and I worked on a bunch of odd jobs around the house and Judy played with the kids!

Birthday Party tomorrow for Paige!

Till tomorrow...


  1. It is hard to beat a family visit. A warm reception makes up for the cool temperatures. That is an awesome swimming pool.

  2. Happy Birthday, Paige! What an awesome looking swimming pool - sure like that automatic pool cover.