Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wekiwa Springs State Park visit...

The weather here in Florida for the past few days has been incredible... into the high 80's F. with lots of sun, and very little wind. This is what we paid for I guess, when we decide to come here. It was time today, to get out and enjoy the sun and some water.

Judy and I did not bring our kayaks with us this year, as they travel in the motorcycle trailer, however Tom and Cheryl brought their kayaks. We decided it was real easy to rent a couple kayaks and put in a day on the water...

Here we are heading out above from the boat launch inside the Park. $6.00 entry fee per vehicle is all it cost to get in, and it was $35.00 for 2 hours for 2 single kayaks, so all was good. We stayed out about 4 hours in total, and they charged us another $3.20 for additional rent... go figure.

Here we go down the we left, we were travelling downstream, and the water was flowing at about 3 mph I fugured, which is a bit of work when you paddle back! The water here is all spring fed, and is warm, and crystal clear!

It is great to see all the water birds as you move along the river, they are all over the place, standing and flying... great variety here, just don't ask me to name them all for you!

These were 8 foot kayaks that we rented...(Otters...) and they worked great on the river.

Yes, we are in Florida, and that is a nice Florida Gator you see above, not a real bit one, maybe around 6 feet or so... I could have taken him if he got out of hand, but he was cool.

Hate to tell you all this, but what you see above is a real good example of Florida Gator food... There were hundreds of these guys out on the water today.

Lots of logs in the water you had to navigate around... made life interesting.

Yes, you can even arrange commercial mortgages back in Ontario while on the river, as Tom fields a business call.

Here is a real short video of us floating down river... just like going through a jungle!

As you can see above, there is a big spring fed swimming hole inside the Park... lots of people were swimming today... I am sitting contemplating life on the cement wall, taking in all the nice warm weather!

We all worked so hard today, we had to stop and enjoy our bag lunches we made up! Tom and Cheryl chow down above.

Overall, just a terrific day, and a good reason for me to find my Blog again... sorry I have been a little lax in my writing lately, but I certainly needed a bit of a Blog Break after 6 years of writing... Don't worry, I have not given up on you all yet!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Nice day out on the water. Kayaking is a pleasure we enjoy but don't do it often enough. We will have to work on that.

  2. great day for a ride on the water!! thanks for sharing all the photos!!

  3. Its has been a very long time for us on the water, we used to love canoeing in Algonquin Park but don't get there anymore.

  4. You are in the very best part of Florida for kayaking. Lots of incredible rivers. If you get a chance to kayak Weeki Wachee, it's spectacular. Also Three Sisters Spring on the Crystal River.