Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Judy!

Judy says she can't remember the last time it was 87 deg. F. on her birthday! She may be right... neither can I. We continue to cook here in central Florida, but we are far from complaining! Love every minute of it actually!

Last Thursday evening, Chery and Tom hosted a little party for Judy's Birthday, also Cheryl's Birthday earlier in the week, along with Roger and Terri's Anniversary! Terri made this great strawberry shortcake desert!

This morning Judy received a nice Facetime call from Gwenny, Charlie, and Lois up in Ontario! (Kristina and Chris too...) I do not know how to make a video off of a Facetime Call, but took this short video clip of Gwenny singing using my iPhone 5, off of the iPad...turned out not too bad!

Happy Birthday Judy, and start enjoying those CPP cheques!

Speaking of Lois, she is doing just fine in her first week on planet Earth. She easily regained her birth weight after a couple of days, and reports are she loves to eat, sleep and ..... well, you know the rest!

Here is Lois on the Facetime call today, wishing Judy a Happy Birthday...

We had a fun week... got to head over and visit with Judy's Brother Howard, and Terri over in Bradenton. They are doing well, and enjoying the nice weather. Did not take a single picture for whatever reason, so you will all have to search your memory banks for pics of them!

Today we headed up to Old Town Kissimmee. This is a bit of a tourist trap up near Mouse Land. Was a nice day for a ride in the car...( AIR CONDITIONING!) and walk around catching the sights.

It looks a little deserted above, but things just get going here in the afternoons, and evenings.

There is a whole bunch of different shops and restaurants along the main street, with lots of benches to sit outside.

They have 3 different car shows here a week, so the benches are made out of spare car parts.

Above are a couple of the old/classic cars that showed up today... I will post a video, which is about 1 1/2 minutes long to warn you, but it is full of all the old cars we saw today on parade down the main street.

Had a great day enjoying the weather...

Below is a picture Judy took of a local magnolia tree in full bloom. This is for Kristina, to show you that "YES", there is some hope yet for your tree! Maybe it will be in bloom when we get home!


Glad to hear that winter is starting to break back up home... we will be leaving here for the Tennessee area in less than 2 weeks now!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Happy Birthday Judy with many more to follow so you have lots of time spoiling all the Grands.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Happy Birthday Judy.........

  3. We trust you celebrated your birthday with gusto, Judy. Sincere best wishes.

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  6. Happy Birthday Judy, am sure you had an awesome day. We are melting the snow for your impending arrival.