Thursday, March 26, 2015

Leaving Florida behind...

Seemed hard to drive the big wheels out of Florida this has been another great winter!

616 Klms. wound up on the odometer today, as we ended up in Yemassee, South Carolina. Had a bunch of rain half way through the trip, but pretty Un-eventful thank goodness!

Found a Passport America Park tonight which is in the middle of a swamp it appears...supposed to rain tonight too! We have our CAA Card inches from our iPhone to make the call for the hook if needed in the morning!

Will make Johnson City tomorrow!

Till tomorrow....



  1. Y'all come back now ya hear !!

  2. Glad to hear you're in the homeward direction - we, the North! Next Wing Night is April 29.

  3. The PA park looks decent. Safe drive from here going forward.

  4. That's a nice looking park. Travel safe and enjoy the family time, we are melting the snow here getting ready for your arrival.

  5. Safe travels to you both. I know your beautiful grandkids will be looking forward to seeing you in both Tennessee and back in Ontario.....makes going home a lot easier!