Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beating the HST….

This morning I decided to pack up the RV after Judy left for work, and grab Patra and put her in her cage, and then fired up the Duramax and headed to the Esso Station in Bracebridge to beat the HST.  Even though the fuel gage said the diesel was over 1/2 full, it still took $175.00 to fill the tank at .915 per ltr.  Remember folks, the gas and diesel is going up 8% on July 1st. 

Yup, it has a BIG tank…..


At least it did not rain today, and I was able to get out for a walk this afternoon, and about 23 blogs ago I promised I would post some pics of the KOA here in Gravenhurst.


The sites below are the temporary overnight sites…


What is a Kampground without a swimming pool…


And in typical KOA fashion, Kamping Kabbins…. they have 10 of them, and they are pretty well rented for the July/August period…


There is lots of room for tents, and a lot of them come, and this one is apparently ready for Canada Day!


You have to pay your money somewhere, so here is the Office, and also a general store….


They have a nice little pond that they keep well stocked with fish.  You can go and fish your heart out!


This is a view of the Reay Road, leading up to the Park.










And finally, an overall view from the road.  You can see it was not too bad weather wise this afternoon, but it did not get overly warm, that is for sure….


Going to try and post this again with Windows Live Writer….. it worked last night so we will have to wait and see.  You might also see that I was playing around a bit with live writer also on some of the pictures…it is a bit of a cool program…. I can see why Al from the Bayfield Bunch loves it!


Till tomorrow…

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  1. Looks like a nice park - I think Chris and I will come stay awhile... we'll be there for dinner!