Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good News SHAKES the Earth!

We received great news today, and it shook the Earth.

As many of you readers are aware, our Son, Shawn, is a in his 3rd year now of his residency in pediatrics. He is doing this in Johnson City, Tennessee. This is after he completed 4 years of medical school, which he attended on the Island of Saba, in the Caribbean. Today we found out that he has been accepted into a Fellowship, with the University of Ottawa, and will be returning to CANADA!
In July of 2011 Shawn and Jenn and of course Emmie and Paige will all return to Canada to reside in Ottawa where Shawn's fellowship will lead him to be a Neonatoligist. Congratulations Shawn, we are all proud of you!

Over the years, Judy and I have travelled to visit Shawn and Jenn in many places while he studied to become a Dr. They have included the Island of Saba, Rochester, NY., New York City, NY., Chicago, Ill., Johnson City, Tn. Now we will have to head to OTTAWA!

Shawn called me with the good news around lunch time today, and about an hour later the EARTH shookkkkkkkkk........ Yes, an earth quake in Canada, centered out of Ottawa! Wow....

Meanwhile, back here in Gravenhurst, during dinner tonight we had some major rain! Again, Wow! This shot is looking out our side door of the motorhome, towards our road, that is now a river!

The water was just pouring off our canapy...

It was raining too hard for me to even go out our door to take a picture....

This is looking out towards our Jeep, good thing I remembered to close the windows.... :-))

I did a bit of work around the RV this afternoon, re-caulking some of the seams on our bedroom slide.... should find out real soon if they leak or not!!!!

Till tomorrow...

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