Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rain day!

Yes, major rain day today here in Gravenhurst.... all day. We had some minor flooding in the park this afternoon, as it is located in deep woods. Will have to take some pics around the park to post, kind of a neat park.

Not much on the go today with all the rain. In Town for some errands this morning and then on to some RV maintenance.

Still calling for some more rain tomorrow... all those RCMP and OPP and Army guys will be wet up in the Huntsville area. It is in lock down now until the summit is over. We had a whole bunch of military aircraft of all sorts flying overhead today out of the Muskoka Airport. On the new tonight, President Obama will come to Huntsville with no fewer than 5 Marine Helicopters for his transportation. Lots going on, and the thing has not even started yet!

Till tomorrow....

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