Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our KOA is invaded!

Today was a great day weather wise! Nice and sunny and warm!

This morning I attended the committee meeting for the Heart and Stroke Golf Tournament to be held Oct. 1st. Lots to do!
This afternoon Judy had to go for a Dr. appt. in Orillia so I went down with her. I toured the Park area while waiting. Went up to visit Mom when we were finished, and enjoyed a nice Swiss Chalet dinner with Her.

Then we headed home, just in time to see the KOA get invaded! About 8 p.m. tonight, two real bad bikers ripped up the park... even the geese were scared! Turn out Dave and Mary Demerling were on the lose! Dave picked up a new Harley this spring and was trying it out. Mary had her big Suzuki. Both are loud and proud!

Here is Dave suiting up to head for the hills....

Mary is warming up here Suzuki, watch out for her, she is tuff!

We did have a great visit with them and it was good to see them! Yes, they woke up everyone in the KOA when they left, but hey, everyone needs excitement in their life every now and then!

Till tomorrow....

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  1. Well, that Harley would have woke up folks for sure but hopefully the Suzuki was a bit quieter. Japenese bikes are generally easier on the ears than Harleys.