Friday, April 10, 2015

A visit over to the Great Smoky Mountains...

Took a road trip over near Maryville, Tennessee, which is just below Knoxville, or a 2 hour and a half hour drive from Johnson City due east. I have a Cousin, Carrie and her Husband, Bill, who recently moved from Florida, up to Tennessee, and we wanted to visit and check out the new Tennessee digs... it was a great day weather wise, as the temps soared up into the 80's F.

That is my Cousin on the left, and her Mom, Georgina is on my right... Bill was off travelling around the world on business so we did not get to run into him this trip. The Smoky Mountains were in fine form yesterday...

Carrie and Bill bought a great place, on about 32 acres of Tennessee land... it has a drive way that will rival Shawn and Jenns, for climbing! Every driveway down here seems to be long and have a mountain to climb! Their house is nestled in the Smoky Mountains, and has nice breezes that keep blowing... a much needed relief from the Florida summers!

Above is Carrie's Mom, and her Dad, Bill. They live up in Ontario and have been visiting for a while in Tennessee. They head back home this coming weekend. It was great to see them, and catch up with all the Family Happenings... Georgina's Dad, and my Dad, were Brothers!

We got to the house just in time for a terrific ham lunch... terrific! We spent a few hours talking and getting caught up, and then it was time for us to head back to Johnson City. Carrie suggested she could take us over to Look Out Point, which was just a few miles from the house, and we could climb the look out tower for some exercise, and get a great view of the area. Why not!

After navagating a bunch of switch backs, we climbed the Smoky's and got up to Look Out Point... we had to climb 3 sets of big cement ramps to get to the observation area...

That is Carrie and I up on the ramps... Judy took this pic from below...

The views were terrific as you could see for miles...

We had a great visit, it was good to see them all again. Judy and I made our way back home, through Pidgeon Forge, and stopped for a great Italian Dinner at a Restaurant there. Pidgeon Forge is a huge Tourist area, and is just filled with a variety of restaurants... you would never get to them all.

Took our time coming back home, turning a 2 hour trip to about 4 1/2 it seemed, but we enjoyed it!

Till tomorrow...


  1. That is such beautiful country there, we toured around there before we went fulltime.

  2. We're still in the Keys and it's getting pretty warm. We've started getting the itch to head back to the mountains....Your pictures didn't help much! Such a beautiful area. I'm surprised it's so green already.

  3. It was awesome to see you folks again. Just something so special to be around kin. Safe travels home xox


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