Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sure was a Happy Easter!

We received a text message from Shawn at 7:30 this morning, telling us to get over to the house to catch the 8:00 a.m. Easter Egg Hunt with the Kids! That is all we had to hear, and we were on our way!

The Easter Bunny had set up an elaborate egg hunt for Paige and Emmie... it was a blast to watch!

They started off the hunt in the Breakfast Room with the sun shining!

They had a series of 10 different clues the Bunny left to follow, which led them inside and outside by the new pool...

Of course this was all very serious business....

They had to climb up into the play house...

All the clue stations had different presents and eggs... they did very well!

Judy and I got to pose with Emmie and Paige up by the pool after the big hunt...

This afternoon Judy's brother Howard and wife Teri stopped in for Easter Dinner on their way home from Florida. Johnson City as it turns out, is smack on 1/2 way back to Ontario!

We all sat around outside enjoying the nice warm weather this afternoon... The hunt was followed up by a great Easter Dinner put together by Jenn! Ham and Turkey! Perfect!

We have been busy the past few days here as well. On Friday night, Shawn, Judy and I put a new floor on the Play House Lot.


The Play House is right beside the pool complex, so needed to be finished off. We started by placing down base sheets to avoid weeds growing through...

Shawn and Jenn arranged for 4,000 lbs. of rubber mulch for the floor. This is made of old car tires that get shredded, and then painted. They make a terrific floor on which the kids cannot get hurt if they fall. It also looks terrific!

Finished product above...

Above is 1 of 2 skids of the mulch which was delivered by transport to the bottom of the drive way.

Shawn and I had to make about 7 or 8 trips of the quarter mile drive way to get the bags to the top... no way the transport truck could make the switchbacks in the driveway.

This is 2 tons of mulch ready to be spread!

We completed a bunch of other yard work, keeping ourselves busy enjoying spring!

Till tomorrow...


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  1. A wonderful Easter sunday with family and the grands, looks like perfect weather too.