Sunday, April 12, 2015

What else is there to do on the weekend...

Simply a beautiful Tennessee Weekend! Great weather to enjoy the outdoors!

Today as you can see, we enjoyed a complete pool day! The pool was at 85 degrees F. Just perfect! Emmie and Paige are like a pair of tadpoles... they can swim like fish, it is amazing!

The 3 videos below are all very short shots of the kids having a blast... check them out...


On Saturday, Judy and I had Emmie and Paige over to the RV for a while... the girls wanted to come and visit Patra! She does not get a lot of company...

Now it may seem from Patra's reaction, she does not look too impressed, but remember, she does not see little people very often and she is 15 years old

Had a great visit and a great weekend!

Till tomorrow...


  1. That is a perfect way to spend the weekend

  2. Nice family time! We would understand if you never wanted to leave there.