Saturday, April 25, 2015

Yes, we are back in Canada!

Wow... that is quick you might say... what happened to the tour of Nashville???? Well, just having a whole bunch of fun, and never was able to get time together to put it all in Blog format.

Cheryl and Judy did a bunch of planning on the Nashville trip, and it paid off. We had a busy couple days, by taking in the Hop On, Hop Off Trolly Tour, which is always a good idea when you visit a City you do not know real well. It took about an hour and a half to complete and they sure know the good spots to take you.

We also go to take a tour of the new Johnny Cash Mueseum. This is very well done, and Johnny Cash was one of the big ones.

As you can imagine, this Mueseum is full of artifacts from the life of Johnny Cash. We spent a couple hours here, and enjoyed! Well done from start to finish. You could pretty much listen to all of his songs, and there were many!

We also took a tour of the Ryman Auditorium

This Auditorium has been around forever! Anyone who is anybody played here at one point in time! This building dates back to the 1880's for crying out loud, and is made of wood! Back then, it cost $100,000.00 to build! Once a week now, The Grand Ole Opry plays here.

Next on our hit list was The Country Music Hall of Fame! What a spot this is... it just opened a few years ago, and is an amazing place to visit. The complete history of Country Music can be found here.


Above is the Grand Entrance into the Hall of Fame... amazing spot to visit.

All the gold records are pasted to the walls... these a just a few of them.

This was an amazing Cady, that belonged to Elvis of all people... gold door handles, and stuff like that!

If you remember the old Smoky and the Bandit Movies, this is the Bandit Trans Am from the second Movie, which starred Burt Reynolds of course...

It is hard to explain the Hall of Fame, and has to be viewed by yourself to get it's appreciation. We spent a whole day pretty well going through it, and could have gone back for more. It is very interactive, and full of costumes and guitars! There is a terrific tribute section to Kenny Rogers, and Johnny Cash of course.

The first evening we were downtown, we did a bunch of bar hopping... all is good folks, we took the Park Shuttle and left the car at home! Had to put a picture of the bar above, which belongs to Jimmy Buffet! My good friend, Gerard, will remember our excursion to Jimmy's Bar in Key West!

Above is the Bridgestone Centre, where the Nashville Preditors play. There is a bug buzz in Nashville over the current series against Chicago.

We had two terrific days of touring Nashville and hope to come back one day. There is lots to see and do, and plenty of great Restaurants to enjoy, which we did!

Not all was perfect though, as on the second day of our tour, we drove into Town in our Chevy Cruze, along with Tom and Cheryl. We were travelling the 1/2 hour drive back out to where we were staying at the KOA north of Nashville. While travelling on the HOV lane of Hwy. 65, the rush hour traffic came to an abrupt stop, well, all the cars did except for the one directly behind us. We got rear ended by a Dodge Grand Caravan. Gave us one real good hit, and brought everything to a stop. I will not go into a lot of other details, but suffice to say at this point, there were no major injuries to the four of us in our car, or the two people in the minivan. The car is still driveable, and can and will be fixed. It is always stressful when you have an accident, and even more so when it happens in a Country not your own. Many thanks to the Nashville area Police, Fire, and Ambulance Services that were on the scene in a hurry and handled it all in a very professional manner.

Anyhow, sure feels good to get home tonight, and had a big chance to go and visit Chris and Kristina, along with the kids. We got to meet our latest Grand, Lois, who is just incredible, however that will be another blog coming up real soon...promise!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Wow! You really saw a lot of Nashville. It is a great city.

    Sorry to read about the traffic that led to the rear end collision. It is a blessing that no one was hurt.

    Welcome home.

  2. So much to see in Nashville, we have done those things years ago.
    Welcome home, too bad about your car.

  3. sorry to hear about your accident but glad that you are all ok...and safely back in CANADA.....