Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meeting Lois!

We have had a busy few days since arriving back into Canada. The weather has not been too bad during the day, but still dipping down near freezing at night. It will come!

We are all set up in our home Park, and the Owners have turned on all the services for us. They treat us right as they do not really open the Park until May 1.

When we arrived last Saturday afternoon, we got set up on our site, and were just yearning to get in to visit the kids, and meet our 5th Granchild, Lois!

It sure did not take Lois long to warm up to her Grandmother. She is such an easy going little girl it seems, who very seldom cries, and seems to sleep a whole lot! Maybe Kristina and Chris would say different, but she sure seems like a big time keeper to me!

After Judy warmed up Lois, I was able to swoop in and take over! Lois is just 7 weeks old now, but I could not believe how much she weighs and how alert and active she is. They truly do grow up fast! We were back into the house on Monday, and I got to hold on to little Lois for over an hour, with no muss or fuss! What a kid!

Oh yes, we did also get to greet Gwenny and Charlie!

How do you like my super special effects picture of Charlie above? Took a lot of skill to quickly grab the iPhone, and then snap a picture while moving the camera you know! Many people pay for special effects like this!

Gwenny was as pleasant as ever, hanging onto one of her "Stuffies..." Judy and I got to spend today with the two of them at the local Park, as Kristina stayed at home with Lois. We had a ball!

We are busy doing lots of running around catching up on Dr. appointments, etc... will keep us busy for a while.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Always things to get caught up with when we get back home.
    Enjoy this awesome weather.

  2. A beautiful moment when first meeting Lois. And how nice to be back home to hang out with the Ontario based grand kids. Welcome back.

  3. Good to have you two back home, O Canada!