Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's Race Weekend at Bristol!

Bristol Motor Speedway is one of the major venues for the NASCAR Circuit, as they usually make 2 stops here each season. Shawn usually goes to these races with some friends, and asked Tom and I to come along today for the Afinity Race... the major Food City Race is on tomorrow, ( but with not a good weather forecast...).

Bristol is a short track, but they can fit 160,000 race fans into the bowl you see above... what a spot to watch a race from!

Above is the start of the race this afternoon, which was won by #22 Joey Lagano, who led this race from start to finish! As you can see, the stands were not filled today, but maybe had about 60,000 in attendance.

The great thing about Bristol, is the banking on the corners, which is about 36 degrees I believe. It is hard to tell from the picture above, but the banking is big time to keep these cars enclosed in the track.

There is always a lot of action around the pits in Nascar, and today was no exception...

That is Joey above, after the race finished, doing a big smokey burn out with his car to celebrate his victory...

The Bristol Track is quite a property, hidden in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee...a very unique spot to visit. Hopefully it does not rain too much tomorrow, and we get to see the race between rain drops..... we will see.

As Shawn, Tom and I were leaving the track this afternoon, Shawn could not resist sitting in this 2015 red Chevrolet Corvette! What a car, and it was on $62,000.00 U.S. What a deal! What do you think Jenn???

Till tomorrow...


  1. Glad you are enjoying Bristol - we are 40 miles away in Mountain City!!

  2. Another fun day,the Corvette would make a good family car right ???