Friday, May 4, 2012

Back to regular routines…

The heat has stayed with us, and it was nice and warm here today, but we did get a nice 1/2 hour rain shower tonight to keep everything green…

This morning I was out the door early, before the heat set right in, and finished up washing the RV.  All clean now finally!  Next is to find some time for some further cleaning, waxing and stuff like that!  Maybe a good cleaning and waxing with “The Solution”!

This afternoon, we made the 30 minute drive into London, to have a meet and greet with our new Family Dr.  Trying to cut down on the 3 hour trips up to Gravenhurst this year.  All went very well, plus our Dr. also has a great big new Medical Building with all the extras included, like a nice new Cardiologist who I am going to be referred to!  Saves another trip up to Bracebridge! 

This evening we were on deck to babysit little Gwenny.  Mom and Dad were celebrating their anniversary and were heading out to the beautiful City of Stratford for dinner. 

Gwenny was so easy to babysit tonight it was not even funny!  She never cried, and only played with things, had fun, ate a great big dinner, enjoyed her bath, and then headed off to la la land!  Her Mom even left Judy and I a real nice homemade Pizza for our dinner tonight!  Thanks!


Till tomorrow…


  1. glad the babysitting was a breeze!..happy anniversary to the happy couple!!

  2. Nice to get new Dr's closer to home now, like you said saves putting on a lot of miles.

  3. I sure wish we'd get a few days of that warm weather out here on the west coast as it's still unseasonably cool.

    Good job on the babysitting - sounds like Gwenny made it pretty easy for you.

  4. Babysitting can sure be fun, but tiring:)