Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Google Earth Ready!

At last!  We finally got the temperatures to climb a bit today, it was actually pretty nice, but still a bit overcast with maybe some rain on the way…

Spent the morning at the motorcycle shops finding some new tires for my Honda, that will be installed on Friday.  Gotta keep those wheels rolling!

This afternoon, I spent getting ready for the next round of Google Earth.  Here is what I was doing:

Washing the roof of the RV!



It was pretty dirty after all our travels, so now it is nice and white, and ready for that satellite picture!  Our roof is a one piece fibreglass roof, and cleans up very nice with plain old soap and water, and of course a bit of elbow grease!  Next, is the rest of the RV.


While I was working on the RV, Judy was in visiting Gwenny and Kristina, and decided to go for a walk to the park.  Gwenny for some reason today was pretty serious!  Deadpan!  Below she did manage a wave to the camera…


Lots of park areas in Woodstock, and Gwenny has not met a swing she doesn't like yet!


Is your roof ready for Google Earth???

Welcome to Sam P tonight, who is our latest Blog Follower, glad to have you along!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Our entire MH is ready for Google Earth. Paul cleaned it up great. Only problem is we travel tomorrow. Hope Google doesn't decide to shot new pictures before we can clean up again.

  2. Washing the roof and giving our 5'er is on my to-do list. I'll get to it as soon as it warms up around here.

    Maybe Gwenny is just getting a little put-off with being photographed 9,000 times a day???

  3. We were very surprised when we looked at Google earth a few weeks ago and the view of our house showed Therapy sitting in the driveway! Just seemed odd somehow.

  4. our mh needs a good clean out and clean up..but its been so darn cold earth shows our previous MH in our driveway :) and it was clean