Saturday, May 12, 2012

Big trip out to Seagrave…

Many, many thanks to all who expressed their best wishes for Judy and I on our 38th Anniversary!  We sure enjoyed a great day.  Yesterday we drove east over to Seagrave, Ontario, to visit with Judy’s Brother, Howard, and his Wife Teri.  (We’ve got them by about 35 years!)…  We had a great visit, with Teri and Howard providing us with a great steak dinner to celebrate our big day!

The reason we went to visit, well, if your recall, back in March when we were all in California enjoying the sunshine, the 4 of us took a Jeep tour out to Corona, California.  Teri and Judy went shopping at a Mall, while Howard and I visited a Model T Ford Shop.  Howard ended up buying a bunch of parts, including a windshield frame for his Model T, and we provided the transportation of all the parts back to Ontario, carefully claiming them all at the border!  So, we delivered these over to Seagrave, and enjoyed their company and hospitality for the weekend.

Judy and I were in for a surprise, as Howard and Teri bought a second Model T since they came back from California.  This one is a 1916 Touring Model, (I think…) and they bought it over in Wisconsin, U.S.A.  This is a different model than they one they have now, and has doors on it, with a convertible top…  Below Howard is going over the finer details of the car…


Below is the 1915 Model T they own, which has the roof off here, for storage purposes over the winter in the garage.  It is in great condition.  The new one needs a bit of work, but they will get it up to speed soon!  They are going to a week long Model T Convention in Kingston this summer, so want to have it ready to go!


Judy took all the pictures today, and I just love this one of Howard, starting the Model T below… it only has the “crank” to start up the beast!  The other one has an electric starter motor.  I could not believe how easy it was to get this car fired up!  1 crank was all it took!


Judy was laughing, as she found this windmill below, on their front yard, and thought it looked a lot like her Brother!


Friday was a beautiful afternoon, so Howard took Judy and I out for a tour in the new Ford… Teri was still at work so she missed all the fun!


Many thanks to Howard and Teri for hosting us for the weekend!  We had a blast…


Teri just bought a real neat PT Cruiser Convertible, which we don’t have a pic of, so we all went topless today, on a nice tour to Port Perry.  We left this afternoon, and are now safe back at the RV keeping Patra company…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there tomorrow!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Sure some nice cars Howard has. The ride in the new one and getting to tour around sounded like fun. Our belated Happy Anniversary wishes to you both. We also send our best wishes to Judy for Mothers Day. We hope she has a GREAT DAY!

  2. sounds like you had a great anniversary celebration!..Happy Mom day to Judy!!

  3. Always nice to get our and visit family, and gotta love the old cars, so much fun.

  4. That's a pretty neat looking old car to ride around town in.

    Happy Mothers Day to Judy - and to the new Mom, Kristina!

  5. I love those old vintage cars and only wish I had the mechanical acumen to be able to do a re-build.

    Give me wood and I can do some pretty amazing things! Give me metal and motors...and... well.... you get the point!