Monday, May 28, 2012

“The Heat is on…”

So how does 35 deg. C. sound to you for this afternoon… it was crazy!  We are still not out of May yet…  I keep saying, “What is July going to be like???”

This morning I started in an endless job… waxing the rig!  I decided that I will give the entire rig a good waxing with McGuires Wax I picked up in DHS… completed the entire cab today, the does not sound like much, but it is!  This wax job will probably take a couple of weeks to complete, as I will be away a bit.

While Judy was off this afternoon filling the RV with groceries, I jumped on the Honda and went for a nice ride through the Woodstock area… what a great day for a ride!

This afternoon, things started to boil over, so there was only one thing to do!  Head for the pool!

Judy had Gwenny doing all her swim strokes and had her in fine form this afternoon…


Mom and Dad were right into it!


Gwenny was going crazy as Dad was playing “Motor Boat” with her… she loved it!


You could not find a nicer way to spend the afternoon… what a day.


Hope you had a nice warm afternoon wherever you were…

Tonight I would like to welcome “Bee”, our 120th blog follower… welcome!

Till tomorrow…


  1. sounds like a good day...ours was cloudy and it's raining at the moment!..susshine would be nice and cool pool to swim in!..enjoy!

  2. Please, please, please send some of that warm weather to us in Oregon. We will be in Florence, OR, tomorrow so ship it there express...please!

  3. We'll take whatever Paul and Marsha don't use! Just send it inland about 50 miles from Florence...

    That picture of Gwenny playing with her dad is so cute.

  4. Gwenny sure does like the water!

    Anytime you get too hot send some sunshine this way, we could use it.

  5. We are lovin this hot weather, perfect for hanging out in the pool.

  6. Thank goodness for the pool in the RV park. That kind of heat would become intolerable without being able to jump in to cool off.

  7. Gwenny is ADORABLE! Wish we had a pool at our RV park to cool down in...96 today in Spring, TX...