Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A great day of touring Ontario.

We certainly had a full day yesterday touring up to Orillia and back.  Judy and I picked up Gwenny and Kristina, and we hit the road by 9:00 a.m.  It is a three hour drive up to Orillia, and we made it just before noon.  My Mom is doing very well, living on her own in a very nice apartment on the west side of the City. 

Gwenny was all excited to meet up with her Great Granny again!  That is my Mom’s 911 call button that is clipped near her neck if you are wondering… if she falls, a simple press of the button will call 911 and bring immediate help!  Great device for someone living alone.


We all decided to go out for lunch, and Mom’s favourite spot of them all is Tim Horton’s!  This is a very popular Restaurant here in Canada, and all our southern U.S. readers will probably not know what a Tim Horton’s is…  Kristina and I enjoyed the new Lasagne Casserole, and yum, it was good! If you check out the pic below, you see Gwenny waving!  She is waving right out the window that we are sitting beside.  People were driving right by the window as they go through the drive through…  There is never a shortage of drive through customers at Tim Horton’s, that is for sure!


Gwenny didn’t want to get too far away from My Mom!  Had to make sure she stayed close.


We left Orillia, and stopped in Barrie to visit our Financial Advisor at ScotiaMcLeod for an hour.  Gwenny as usual, was a good as gold waiting for us as we discussed world markets and all that good stuff! 

On the road again, we headed to the big Town of Alliston, to visit the Morrison's for dinner.  It was great to see John and Pat again.  Pat, as usual, put on a small feast for us at dinner time, that we all enjoyed… only thing we did not do, was take the usual 6,000 pictures of everyone playing with Gwenny!  Pat and John had not seen Gwenny since she was a couple days old, so they had a great time with her!

On the road, and back to the RV at 10:00 last night, way past blog time cut off!

Judy and I slept in this morning, and did not take on a lot of activities today at all… just a bunch of changes to email, as we are having to work our way through the change… yuck!

Till tomorrow…


  1. That is so sweet the way Gwenny loves her Great Grandma. We got coffee and donuts at Tim Horton's when we were in BC a few years back - good stuff!

  2. What beautiful pictures for your mom and Gwenny.
    Love the photo of Gwenny in her high chair. Looks like she is waving HI.

  3. your mom and Gwenny look so cute together!!!..glad you had a nice visit!

  4. There's nothing like seeing a Great-Granny and a Great Granddaughter together. That's real special.

    Was that a Tim's chocolate donut I saw sitting in front of Kristina? Lucky girl!

  5. A nice day trip to Orillia to visit mom and visit on the way back, you made good use of your travel day.