Monday, May 21, 2012

A bike trip to visit “Tara”…

Yesterday, Judy and I climbed aboard our motorcycles, all excited about the great weather here is south western Ontario, and decided to go and visit good friends Tom and Cheryl, over near Newmarket. 

We had to meet “Tara”…


Tara is a 39 foot DayDreamer!  What a beauty she is!  We never got around to taking pics inside, however it is real nice!  Kitchen Island, fireplace, the whole bit!  Tom and Cheryl have plans very similar to our, in that they want to retire and full time for a while!  Hopefully they will be on the road this fall to DHS… we will have to see… keep pushing Cheryl!  No, they are not going to pull Tara with that Ford 150 you see below… they Just bought a new Denali, 4X4, 3500 with duelys, so this should not be a problem!  They are camping out in the boonies east of Newmarket, so the cell service sucked, and the iPad just could not keep a good signal, so that is why we did not post last night.


We really enjoyed the ride there, and back on our motorcycles… you could not get better weather… it is about 220 klicks each way.  We were back home by 1:00 this afternoon, and went into Woodstock to visit Gwenny!  She was in a real good mood a usual!  Chris and his Dad were grinding away on the deck… I wanted to check progress!


With the stairs completed on Saturday, they were working on the railings, and deck work today… they put in a full day!   Looking great!


It was real warm this afternoon, and I helped out a bit cutting the railings for them to be installed!


Check out the new stairs and railings below… looking good!  Sill a bit more work to do but we are getting there!


Great long weekend, we really enjoyed it all!  Hope where ever you were, you had the good weather also!

Till tomorrow…


  1. We got rained out from Sunday afternoon through all day Monday. No riding for us here on the 'wet coast'. Saturday was nice though....and we did take advantage of it.

  2. John you might suggest that the kids to protect their Investment. When Kathy and I purchased the home we just sold the deck was just natually weathered pressure treated lumber as in your pictures. A year later it was cracking and splitting in many places. We were told that by sealing the wood would make it last much better.

    First it needed to be power washed and allowed to dry a few days. We then used Behr Cedar (Home Depot) coloured sealer and when we sold the house years later it still looked great without further deteriation to the wood. They will need to give the newer materials aging time before (a few months) before they powerwash and seal it.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. nice rig that Tom and Cheryl have!..and a great job on the stairs!..Gwenny is as cute as ever!!

  4. The railing really adds to the stairs. Great job!

  5. The weather here was mostly miserable, but thanks for asking!

    Great job on the deck. Just one question. I saw a picture of Gwenny on the deck in what we used to call a 'walker'. With those stairs, are you going to put up some kind of gate or temporary fence to stop Gwenny from falling down the stairs?

    I'm sure you've thought about that but if you haven't - GET BUSY! We don't want anything happening to our little blogland baby!!!

  6. Yes the weather was perfect on the weekend for a bike trip along the back roads to Newmarket, A very nice scenic drive, glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Hi Rick, rest assured in the picture you mentioned Gwenny was in an 'exersausor' she stands upright and can spin to the different toys but she can't actually move it. Our plan is to put a gate at the top of these stairs though so that once Gwenny is toddling around we can sit on the upper deck and she can have a large 'safe zone' to explore.

  8. Beautiful job on the stairs and deck...looks wonderful!