Friday, May 18, 2012

Just don’t get in my way today!

What a day today turned out to be… wow… perfect weather here in Ontario!  You all just have to come and visit!

Don’t even think of getting in my way today… here is what happened!



AFTER!   That planter box just disappeared in a couple hours along with that cedar bush!  This completes the removal of all the flower boxes in the back yard!  All the wood had rotted around them, and the kids have different ideas for the back yard now…


Got out and about and ordered all the wood we need for the new steps on the deck… that project starts tomorrow!

Patra got all excited this afternoon, as we sat out and relaxed… I have her the ice cubes out of my drink, and she was just licking them up.


That was about it for today!  No more soil sifting to do!  Yeah!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Our cat, Bella, LOVES ice cubes. I put them in her water everyday.

  2. I sense a potential new summer business. Call it 'John's Home and Garden Renovation Expert'.

    Just imagine the biceps and abs you'll be able to display when in the sunny climes next winter.

  3. You are working harder than a rented mule - and, probably just as smart too!!

  4. Didn't know cats liked ice cubes - that's pretty funny. Our daughter's dog will run to the fridge whenever she hears someone getting a glass of ice. She's hoping some will fall on the floor so she can have ice too.

  5. Good thing you are retired so that you can work full time for family, just think of the awesome pay checks. (time with your family)