Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning… must be time to go back to work…

Monday Morning sure was not my favourite when I spent all those years working, that is for sure.  It seems that all our Clients used to think up all kinds of things they wanted to do at the Bank on the weekend, and would show up first thing Monday Morning wanting to do them! 

Today was an incredibly nice day, and I started off by getting a bunch of work done!  Cutting the grass and doing the wipper snipping… that is a big job, but man, does it look good now!  Got the Jeep all dirty on the weekend, so next on the list was cleaning up the Jeep… it is now happy!

Next we were off to Woodstock to meet our new Dentist, and had our annual check up and super duper cleaning done…

This afternoon we ended up doing a bunch more yard work… cleaning out our flower garden, and some excess bush around the site… all is good!

Judy is going to put some flowers in this little garden we installed by the shed…


We cleared out a bunch of bush  from the rear garden, in front of the big tree you see…


The kids came out tonight for a bbq and Chris washed up his Mazda after he saw how clean our Jeep was!


Poor Gwenny is suffering from a wee bit of a cold, but she is still a trouper, and was playing outside enjoying the nice warm weather here!


So lots of things done today, and I am now just relaxing enjoying the New York/New Jersey Game 1 of the Eastern Finals….

Till tomorrow…


  1. I need a nap after reading this blog.

  2. a nap on a monday! that is a great idea!..too bad work gets in the way!

  3. Hope Gwenny's cold is gone soon - she sure is dressed up nice and warm.

    I'm glad to see someone else slaving away on their property - I don't feel so bad now.

  4. So nice to do all that stuff on a Monday it's a lot more fun than going to "work".

  5. All that work John....and on a Monday to booth! What's with that? What have you left to complete for the balance of the week?