Sunday, July 14, 2013

A visit to Ingersoll...

Every year the Ingersoll Cantebury Folk Festival is on, and it fell this weekend during the best weather of this summer.


There are a bunch of Venders, and lots of food. We went to enjoy the music this morning.

These two are called "The Marrieds" and are from London, Ontario. They were great! You can check them out if you search for them on You Tube.


We enjoyed them so much we bought their CD. This is the jacket pic above...

Great time, and will go back!

Now we all know George from "Our Awesome Travels" who was branded "The King of the Weber Q" as he loves to cook. Well, it seems he knows his way around more than a Weber BBQ. George also knows his way around South Western Ontario, and gave me a bunch of tips on where Judy and I can go to kayak! Thanks George...appreciate it!

Kristina and Chris had to go into London this afternoon, so Judy and I provided child care services....well OK, mostly Judy.

Gwenny really liked this Minion she found in the bottom of the Happy Meal we got her! Good old Mickey D's...


Charlie took life easy and was smiling for Judy, and then spit up on me!!! Oh well, that is why we do laundry I am told.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Hey John thanks for the shout.
    So many neat places to see in south western Ontario, I have been exploring it for over 40 years. I am sure Al of the Bayfield Bunch may even know of a few groovy places as well. Bayfield, Goderich, etc.. so much to see in this mostly quiet part of Ontario.
    Have fun.

  2. Tell Charlie I'm giving him a 'cyber-high 5'!! That's funny!

    The only river in Ontario I know is the Niagara. Would that be any good for kayaking??

  3. Glad the entertainment was good. Too many times we have gone to a festival and the entertainment was terrible.

  4. I get the impression that those new Pelican kayaks will see a lot of Ontario water this season.