Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just another real busy weekend!

Another great weekend with lots of activities on the go for us... Yesterday, turned into a busy evening, as Howard and Teri showed up out of the blue from Seagrave. They came over on Saturday to attend Charlie's Baptism, which was scheduled for Sunday! They arrived in time for us to head into Woodstock for Dinner with them, and then arranged to give us a tour of the Bed and Breakfast they were staying at in Hickson, a small Town just north of Woodstock.

This is a bird's eye view of the Bed and Breakfast, which is in corn country! How did I get a bird's eye view you ask? Easy...


We climbed up to the top of the Observatory. Now, many people would say, John, that is a silo.... Nope not any more. The B and B owner converted it to a Space Observatory!

In fact... he built two observatories...

This is the telescope in the top of the silo observatory, and the small observatory had a similiar one, only bigger! This equipment is very, very expensive and special built and installed. You can do some major space looking through these puppies!

It was an amazing B and B with amazing gardens as well. By the time we completed the tour and dinner, no time for blogging...

Today Chris and Kristina had made arrangements at their Church to have Charlie Baptized. Thankfully the rain held off, and we were able to get through a nice family dinner afterwards outside.


Here is Gwenny and myself, racing into the Church to ensure good seating! First time this year I had my suit on! Gotta love it!

Amy and Kristina getting the finishing touches to Charlie's outfit! He was real good today, even with a free bath!

Here is Charlie, all stressed out as you can tell, due to the pending Baptism. Judy is trying to keep him calm! Seemed to work.

Pastor Bob doing the honours with Charlie, while everyone watches...


Family picture after the event. That is Chris' sister, Kathleen, on the left. She stood up as Charlie's God Mother.

Of course you need a cake... Judy arranged for this one, and one for Gwenny, as next week is her 2nd Birthday, so a celebration was held today as the Families were all together.

Gwenny is really into "Thomas the Train", so Judy arranged for this neat cake. Gwenny loved it!

Gwenny and Charlie received many many gifts today, so was a great day all round for them.

Kathleen enjoying some Charlie time at the end of the day.

Also arranged for a new set of roof racks that fit the Jeep, so we will be able to go and pick up our new kayaks this week in Richmond Hill.

Yikes, this turned into a long post...

Till tomorrow...



  1. You sure had a busy time , looking good in that suit , but not so much need anymore.
    Nice B and B.

  2. Some busy time indeed....and all of it greatly stimulating and fun.

  3. Congrats to Charlie - hope he got to sample some of his cake!

    Can't believe Gwenny is going to be 2 yrs. old already. I'm sure this is just the first of many birthday celebrations for her.