Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heat wave continues...

Help... Ontario is burning up!


Today was crazy... into the 40's again...

This morning Cheryl and Judy were in the pool, while Tom and I watched to make sure they didn't sink!

Tom gave me a ride over to London this afternoon, so I could make my annual trek to my Cardiologist, Dr. Aswald. Had to do my stress test!

No, that is not me on the treadmill above, and that is not Dr. Aswald, but we kind of looked like that today! He told me I was in excellent shape after treading for over 20 minutes and ending with a 4 minute run on his machine! Said my heart was excellent! This is the good news for sure... all that hiking and kayaking must be paying off! Thank goodness his office was air conditioned, as I could not have done it otherwise!

After we got back to the Park, it was happy hour to celebrate with John and Sheila our neighbours! Did not take one picture at all today! Too hot.

Tomorrow does not look much better at this point... our A/C is working overtime!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Congratulations on a successful stress test.

  2. the hot weather from you neighborhood made our local news!.try and stay cool!

  3. It is getting pretty warm for sure, there is lots of ways to cool down and enjoy it thou.
    Good that the stress test went good for you.

  4. So thankful for AC right now. Keep the water flowing.

  5. It seems the stress test proves you are not stressed. Awesome!

  6. Great news on the stress test, John. Just proves that hiking and kayaking are healthy activities for sure.